We must not forget that we now have more than 680,000 dead Americans because of Donald j. tRump!

What Shall I Write About?!

What shall I write about in the middle of the night?
Of course! Our nation’s calamitous plight,
Caused because the fool in our White House,
Has a brain smaller than that of a mouse,
He was told by national security advisers LAST YEAR,
That if action on the virus was not taken, disaster was near,
But, oh no, he knows best,
So he kept all warnings close to his chest,
Afraid it may hurt his re-election,
For months he maintained this deadly deception,
“Pooh pooing” and downplaying the problem, even calling it a hoax,
Yes, that is what Douche Bag in Chief did, and now people are DYING, folks!
Get that motherfucker out of our White House!
kra 3/24/20