Mark your calendar for the VA election on 11/2/21, and VOTE BLUE!

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Here is all the information about the upcoming election in Virginia:,_2021 Just open that link.  Many folks don’t bother to vote in an “off year” (no federal offices on the ballot), but this one is very important.  A real tRumpster is challenging Terry McAuliffe, a great guy and what VA needs!   So if you qualify, VOTE BLUE … vote early or show up at the...

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Gabby Petito investigation: 911 call reveals Brian Laundrie seen hitting, ‘slapping’ her before disappearance

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Wow! Police need better training on “spouse abuse”.  These two were not married, but what the cop here heard, and what other cops saw, are classic signs of serious spouse abuse, where the victim often is too afraid of the abuser to press charges. Excerpts from the Article: The 911 caller who reported a “domestic dispute” between Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito in Moab, Utah, on Aug. 12 was heard telling a dispatcher that...

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Ex-prison nurse convicted in connection with death probe

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For every such article you can be sure there have been hundreds of similar incidents which were not reported! READ Culture of Cover Up! = Excerpts from the Article: A former nurse at a Delaware correctional facility has been found guilty of two misdemeanor charges in connection with an investigation into the death of an inmate. Erin Clark-Penland, who worked at the Sussex...

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Baltimore’s mayor unveils new violence prevention plan

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This overall comprehensive approach is our only hope. Excerpts from the Article: Aiming to treat gun violence as a public health crisis, Baltimore’s mayor on Friday unveiled a five-year violence reduction plan for the U.S. city where violent crime rates have remained high since a 2015 surge. Mayor Brandon Scott, who took office in December, said the plan aims to end the city’s foundering efforts to tackle its top problem. He asserted that...

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Fix qualified immunity travesty that lets police off the hook after violating civil rights

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“Qualified immunity” is a horrible doctrine, causing much injustice. The current Supreme Court is not likely to fix it, but this is another good reason to “pack the Court”! Excerpts from the Article: After police followed an unarmed robbery suspect into Amy Corbitt’s Georgia yard, they ordered four young children – at gunpoint – to lie face down on the ground. When a deputy sheriff spotted a pet dog, which Corbitt said...

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