Prison union moves to block law restricting disciplinary tool

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Yes, these unions spend a fortune fighting many needed changes, primarily because the changes will cost them jobs.  For every 1 person arrested, 29 benefit financially! And most of them are not helping anyone – neither society nor an individual. What these articles do not tell you is that, in fact, guards frequently make up false “write ups” in order to place inmates in solitary to shut them up! They do not want inmates to...

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Florida’s Lowell prison is cesspool of sexual abuse by staff, feds say in blistering report – OUTRAGEOUS! – kra

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This is a problem in every prison, but Florida is notoriously out of control! I know from my daily work, the emails and calls I get, that truer words than these were never spoken: “The report demands reforms, but DOJ stopped short of holding anyone criminally liable or accountable. “They could never make this a criminal case because they would have to arrest everybody. That prison is so corrupt that everyone is in on it,’’” HERE IS...

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Michigan Settles Sex Abuse Claims by 1,300 Former Juvenile Offenders Housed With Adults for $80 Million

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This is one case in one state, costing YOU tons of money … Nationwide, it is BILLIONS OF DOLLARS each year, because not enough of you raise hell about prison abuse! Excerpts from the Article: On January 29, 2020, the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) agreed to pay $80 million to resolve a class action lawsuit filed by juveniles who were housed in adult facilities where they were allegedly subjected to sexual assault and other...

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$300,000 a Year Not Enough to Convince Psychiatrists to Work in California Prisons

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Because the prisons are so out of control! Damn shame, too, because they really need them!  Note: the number of suicides reported in this article no doubt is lower than the actual number, because prison officials regularly lie about cause of death!   Excerpts from the Article: Suicides in California prisons reached a record high last year, with 38 recorded. According to prison and union officials, a lack of psychiatrists and other problems...

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Feds ban solitary confinement for kids in prison, but state juvenile facilities still use isolation

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Studies show that isolation for juveniles is wildly counterproductive. I have seen adults go nuts (start talking to themselves, answering themselves, etc.) and it is worse for juveniles. As for my experience, when guards willfully, maliciously, and criminally kept me in isolation for 415 days … “Thank you, God, for my strong spirit”. Many kids need mental health attention, which is totally lacking in all of our prisons. READ...

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