Formerly incarcerated lawyer wins state legislature race – “Good on Her!” – KRA

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Facing all the obstacles to reentry, she made it! Look at what the idiots of the State Bar Association said; that is one reason I RESIGNED from the Bar … so I can call such people assholes!  🙂  READ “He was disbarred” – Bullshit. I RESIGNED! – KRA     Tarra Simmons, an attorney who in 2017 faced bar admissions challenges due to a felony record, was elected on Tuesday to the Washington state legislature....

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New Hampshire gets federal grant to help released inmates

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$600,000 can go a long way to helping those who need it, INCLUDING the innocent who have been imprisoned! Many folks do not realize that we have tens of thousands of innocent people in jails and prisons in America. Excerpts from the Article:  New Hampshire will receive more than $600,000 from the Department of Justice to help former adults and juvenile inmates transition back into their communities.U.S. Attorney Scott Murray announced the...

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Should we incarcerate people for missing a meeting?

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Our friend, a young lady with the ACLU, recently had this published in our state’s largest paper. All states should listen and solve this problem which I have mentioned for years! READ Letter to Editor or Editorial Submission – What a Monster we Have Created! Probation and Parole 2/19/19 PUBLISHED Letter to Editor or Editorial Submission – What a Monster we Have Created! Probation and Parole 2/19/19 PUBLISHED Excerpts from the...

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San Francisco Eliminates Fees on Jail Phone Calls

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Several years ago (7) I organized a statewide boycott of prison phones by inmates, to lower costs. It was successful; rates were reduced 3 months later. READ Families push for lower prison phone rates, more open visits – READ WHAT YOU CAN DO, AND DO IT! – kra  The ridiculously high fees are counter productive; the more people stay in touch with family, the better they do when they get out.       We are never again...

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When Does “Normal Living” Happen in Recovery? – Interesting – kra

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As a former addict – clean 14 and a half years now – naturally this caught my attention among the hundreds of articles I get monthly. The article reminds me of some philosophy classes – much talk, many questions, no answers! I don’t agree with the characterization of many “likes and dislikes” as “addiction”. Some of the author’s attitudes are formed by the structure/principles of NA and AA....

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