Group advocates for those arrested in wake of law enforcement killing of Andrew Brown Jr.; protests continue for day 11

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Tonight (5/3/21) police are arresting protesters earlier than ever in the evening. These protests must continue until we learn the TRUTH of why cops shot Andrew Brown. DEMAND TRANSPARENCY! All of the hiding of their body cam film is BULLSHIT!   Excerpts from the Article: A social justice group held a press conference on Saturday in Elizabeth City to advocate for protesters arrested in the wake of the law enforcement killing of Andrew Brown...

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Biden rolls out diverse first slate of judicial nominees

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One area where the racism of many Republicans came to the surface is judicial appointments.  Thank God that is changing!   Excerpts from the Article: President Joe Biden on Tuesday nominated a racially diverse and overwhelmingly female group to federal and other judgeships, including three Black women for the U.S. courts of appeals, one pathway to the Supreme Court. Biden promised as a candidate to nominate an African American woman to...

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Let Georgia Know that YOU know they are RACIST!

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The GOP moves in GA are an absurdly racist move, nothing more. INTENDED to prevent poor people and people of color from voting. Let them know you are not going to take it! When the politicians are so afraid of the people that they do not want them to vote, you know it is time to get their butts out of office! 🙂 CLICK HERE, ON EACH PICTURE, TO CALL AND EMAIL EVERY ONE OF THOSE DUMB-ASS GEORGIA LAWMAKERS:...

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Misinformation and the Carceral State

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This article reminds me that the amount of misinformation flying around inside the prison is mind boggling! But here we see how misinformation about crimes and criminals creeps into the public perception.   Excerpts from the Article: A cloud of sensationalism, misinformation, and outfight propaganda has always hovered around government pronouncements and media coverage concerning crime and criminal justice. President Richard Nixon launched...

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Virginia is using dogs to ‘terrify and attack’ prisoners, say lawsuits that describe one man as mauled in his cell

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More outrageous prison abuse.  It will not end until YOU speak out! Who do you think is going to pay for this?  YOU are! Excerpts from the Article: Curtis Garrett was standing in cell 3C38 on Christmas Day, four months shy of his release date, when the dogs showed up. The inmate had retreated to his cell and closed the door after fighting with another prisoner who attacked him with a broom handle in the mess hall. When Garrett saw two members...

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