District attorney: ‘Not true’ that bystanders in Philadelphia train rape case sat by and shot video

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If we see someone in serious trouble and we can help, safely, we should! This Ahole perpetrator, if convicted, needs serious prison time. Excerpts from the Article: When news first came out that a woman had been raped on a busy train in Philadelphia last week, it drew nationwide attention and outrage because police said bystanders did nothing to intervene. Police even went so far as to say that some citizens filmed the attack. Now, the district...

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Supreme Court sides with police officers in two qualified immunity cases

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Another good reason to expand the Court. Cops should be accountable, like everyone else. Excerpts from the Article: In two unsigned opinions Monday, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of police officers seeking qualified immunity from allegations of excessive force. In both cases, the justices overturned lower court decisions that went against the officers. The rulings — and the fact that no justice publicly dissented — suggests that...

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Mentally ill woman dies in custody, lawsuit alleges deprivation of medical care

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If I had $5 for every article like this one which I have seen, I’d be wealthy.  As I have said: “America has the best health care in the world … and the worst! The best can be found in hospitals across the nation, and the worst is in prisons and jails across the nation!”  However, the whole country is deficient in MH care, and in prisons, there is no such thing. I have SEEN what we call mental health care in prison. The local...

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Partial human remains found after Brian Laundrie’s possessions located in Florida park – too bad – kra

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Based on my vast experience, I have no doubt that Brian Laundrie murdered little Gabby Petito. None. So I say “too bad” because he should have been arrested, convicted, and sent to rot in prison.   Now, what his parents have said makes no sense to me, and their role in his disappearance is being investigated.  We shall see what happens. Did he tell them what he had done and then kill himself? Excerpts from the Article: What it...

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Their first Newsletter by CCRC and National maps on expungement, pardoning, and voting rights restoration and MORE!

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https://ccresourcecenter.org/ Their first Newsletter and National maps on expungement, pardoning, and voting rights restoration and MORE! National maps on expungement, pardoning, and voting rights restoration  = Obviously a great resource, thorough and informative. I read through it on Delaware, and these people have done their homework! October 8, 2021 The Collateral Consequences Resource Center is pleased to unveil six new maps that visualize...

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