Make Prosecutors ‘Earn’ Immunity

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Interesting ideas here, but they could be difficult to implement. Excerpts from the Article; When a witness embroiled in a criminal investigation is given a grant of immunity, it always comes with strings attached. The witness gets immunity, but society gets the witness’s information in exchange—all of it. If the information the witness provides isn’t truthful, or isn’t complete, the grant of immunity is withdrawn. The witness (often a...

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‘I Get to Finally Go Home’: Ga. Man Exonerated of Taco Bell Murder After Serving 23 Years in Prison Devonia Inman’s conviction for a 1998 killing was thrown out after a judge ruled that prosecutors withheld evidence pointing to another suspect

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As a former prosecutor, I say there is nothing worse than a bad prosecutor, like the one in this case! Excerpts from the Article: A Georgia man who spent 23 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit was released this week into the arms of his family, almost eight years after DNA evidence presented in court pointed to another man as the rightful suspect. “It took a really long time to fix, even though it was so clear I...

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Innocent man tried 6 times for murder – then FREED!

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I was horrified the first time I heard about the Curtis Flowers case, years ago.  Tonight I am horrified again listening to the 60 Minutes broadcast again about that case.  It is a case about an innocent black man in Mississippi who was tried by a good ole boy, ignorant, racist prosecutor 6 times for murders he did not commit. He eventually was freed and exonerated only after a podcast by a team of reporters, who unmasked the prosecutor and...

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The Justice Files: Allegations of prosecutor misconduct ‘shock the conscience’

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This article was sent my way by my good friend and great attorney, Steve Hampton, Esq.   He knows that as a former prosecutor, these kinds of cases really get me hot! The job of a prosecutor is to be fair, not to lock people up no matter what. Excerpts from the Article: A scathing ruling by the federal court of appeals will allow an innocent man to continue his lawsuit against a former Utah County prosecutor. It’s the latest chapter of Conrad...

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Ex-prosecutor gives up law license after he’s accused of withholding evidence that led to wrongful convictions

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He probably was about to be disbarred. I remember the cases referenced. As a former prosecutor, I say there is nothing worse than a rotten one!   Excerpts from the Article: Former Dallas County, Texas, prosecutor Richard E. “Rick” Jackson agreed to give up his law license last month to avoid discipline for allegedly withholding evidence that led to the wrongful convictions of two homeless men. The Innocence Project had filed a grievance...

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