Letter to the Editor or Op Ed Submission – Thank a Cop Today – 1/25/22

Are there bad cops in the system? Sure. We have seen a recent spate of attacks on police, and a jury soon will decide whether the police who did not intervene to stop some of their brethren from killing George Floyd should be held accountable.

But the vast, vast, majority of police are “good cops”. They joined their Departments to protect and serve us, and they do a fine job of it, day in and day out. Bashing “the police” is unwarranted and counter- productive.

I suggest that the next time you see a police officer you approach that person, and say something like: “Thank you for your service to our (town, county, state)”. They deserve it and will appreciate it.

Ken Abraham, former Deputy Attorney General, founder of Citizens for Criminal JUSTICE, Dover, DE 302-423-4067


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3. Speak from your heart.
4. Google any facts you are not sure about.
5. Do not name-call.
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