Letter to the Editor – Arrest Him Already! – 5/4/21

The Attorneys General of Georgia and of New York have said they are investigating the actions of Donald J Trump. Arrest him already!

Too many people continue to be fooled by the onslaught of misinformation and lies emanating from Faux News, and being spewed by foolish tRump loyalists.

Too many hard-working Americans continue to be fooled by tRump himself into giving him money.

The guy is nothing more than a blowhard, racist, fool, con man!

These AGs should lay out the facts, bring charges ASAP, get this man convicted and in prison where he belongs. Maybe that will end the ludicrous talk of “Trump in 2024”! God Forbid we make the same mistake twice.

Arrest him already!

Ken Abraham, former Deputy Attorney General, founder of Citizens for Criminal JUSTICE, Dover, DE 302-423-4067


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4. Google any facts you are not sure about.
5. Do not name-call.
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