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Excerpts from the Article:

Positive COVID-19 cases at James T. Vaughn Correctional Center skyrocketed from 45 to 174 in a recent five-day span, according to an update Tuesday. The Delaware Department of Corrction reported that 155 COVID-19-positive inmates at Vaughn were asymptomatic as of Tuesday morning and 19 were experiencing symptoms. The numbers were 21 and 24, respectively, on Friday.

Correctional staff and contractor cases at Vaughn increased from 11 to 20 during the same time, with 19 personnel currently asymptomatic.

The DOC said the additional cases at the Vaughn prison, near Smyrna, were detected in four housing buildings.

The number of positive inmate cases at Delores J. Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution in New Castle increased from 32 to 36 in five days, according to the DOC. Staff and contractor cases went from 12 to 16, with 13 being asymptomatic.

Inmate COVID-19 cases at Howard R. Young Correctional Center in Wilmington rose from two to eight over the same time period. The seven positive staff and contractor cases remained the same; six of those were asymptomatic.

The DOC said inmate COVID-19 testing is ongoing, and approximately 250 inmate results remained pending Tuesday, including 120 at HRYCI, 100 at JTVCC and 30 at BWCI.

Claire DeMatteis
“For the first time since COVID-19 reached Delaware, we have active inmate COVID cases at three separate facilities,” DOC Commissioner Claire DeMatteis said in a news release.

“More than 86% of the inmates who have tested positive have no symptoms and those with symptoms are mild. We are staying ahead of these clusters by identifying them proactively, quarantining inmates in COVID treatment centers at JTVCC, HRYCI and BWCI, and providing quality care to get the individuals better.”

All but five of the inmates who tested positive are receiving round-the-clock treatment in DOC’s COVID-19 Treatment Centers at JTVCC, HRYCI and BWCI, the news release said.

Three COVID-19-positive inmates are being housed in the JTVCC infirmary for observation, one is being held in quarantine at HRYCI, and one with underlying health conditions is receiving treatment in stable condition at an area hospital, the DOC said.

Two positive inmates were showing symptoms at Hazel D. Plant Women’s Treatment Facility in New Castle on Tuesday, and one was present at Sussex Community Corrections Center in Georgetown, according to the DOC.

No current inmate cases were present at Sussex Correctional Institution in Georgetown, though asymptomatic staff and contractors rose from one to five from Friday to Tuesday.

Morris and Plummer community correction centers currently have no positive cases among offenders, according to the DOC. Two staff members at the Steven Floyd Training Academy in Dover tested positive and were asymptomatic, the DOC said Tuesday. On Nov. 16, the DOC announced that proactive screening measures and rapid COVID-19 testing identified a cluster of positive cases in one housing building at the Vaughn prison. Days later, the first inmate at Baylor tested positive.

Over the past 10 days, the DOC said it and its health care provider have administered 624 COVID-19 tests of inmates who have either exhibited COVID-like symptoms, have come into sustained contact with COVID-positive inmates or are assigned to housing units where positive COVID-19 test results have been returned.

According to the DOC, 221 of these tests have been returned positive and more than 150 tests have been returned negative.

The DOC said that 86% (191) of the inmates with active COVID-19 infection have no symptoms of illness and 14% (30) are exhibiting only minor symptoms.

The DOC said that more than 1,750 inmates across its facilities are receiving daily symptom checks by medical professionals, including temperature and pulse oxygen level checks, on top of existing prevention, screening, testing and cleaning efforts.

As community spread outside DOC facilities intensified this month, DOC temporarily suspended in-person visitation statewide Nov. 12 and temporarily suspended work-release programs statewide Nov. 18 to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission from the community into DOC facilities.

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Inmate COVID cases take big jump