Man it was FUN! Tearing lying witnesses to shreds on the witness stand.  I guess there is a knack to it, but all you need to do is pay attention to what they say in their testimony – make notes of exactly what they say (I always did; I had two pens in my hand with different colored ink, blue for direct testimony and black for what they said on cross examination) – , and then show why it just is not true! Be sarcastic if it works: to the 212 pound biker dude: “Oh, you threw that 92 pound woman down in the parking lot and kicked her with your boots because you were afraid she would hurt you?!”  Point out the absurdity of what they say.

All I know is, when I got done with them it was clear to everyone in the room they were either lying like hell or did not know what they were talking about!  I even had jurors laughing during a murder trial. READ  

But I must caution you! READ The Criminal Justice System is so Fucked Up that You Cannot Predict Anything! – short essay by kra – 3/24/20

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