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RESULTS RESULTS RESULTS!  Since the day I opened my law firm, I was keenly aware that clients hired me for one reason: to get RESULTS! I had contract cases, real estate closings, and other stuff, but most of my work was solving problems, which I always did! 🙂   Yes, always. Most of the time completely solving the problem … i. e. getting the kids in the divorce, or keeping the client’s butt out of prison, but sometimes a 90% solution is the best anyone can do.  I didn’t much like 90%, and still don’t, which is why I spend the time to re-read and re-think the most vital work I do … to be sure it will WORK!  

So focus on getting the result you want. If unsure about the best route to that destination, CALL me at 302-423-4067.


Do you just want to “piss and moan”, or do you want to get results??!! READ all of this!

1. I just went to a “Free so and so” page on Facebook, and OMG! It looks like that poor Mom is doing what sooooooo many people do: contacting everyone in sight and trying all sorts of avenues which will lead to DEAD ENDS. It is understandable, with the desperation about the unjust situation … but any time YOU see something like that you should have that person CALL me. What they need is RESULTS! From the minute I opened my office I was keenly aware that my clients paid me tons of money for ONE reason: to get RESULTS, and that’s what I did. Ask my clients!  Have these people with problems call me; if I don’t know how to get a result, I’ll tell them, but 99% of the time I DO know. And if it is getting out of prison which is the result I sure know. 302-423-4067. In some of those cases I may not have the time to review everything (trial transcript, appeal papers, etc. etc.) which ANY GOOD lawyer would need to know to assess the situation, but, as I said, with 99% of the calls I don’t need to know all that to assess the chances of getting that RESULT.

2. Serious about improving our criminal justice system? Then DO WHAT WORKS!

I have seen over the past two years numerous new pages and groups on Facebook with names like ‘Down with” this, “End” that, “Fight” this, or “Stop” that … numerous such pages consuming thousands of comments weekly. But they do not focus on nor explain HOW to make the desired change!! 🙁 THE PEOPLE WHO NEED TO MAKE CHANGES – POLITICIANS, WHO MAKE LAWS – SURE AS HELL DO NOT READ THOSE COMMENTS!)


THEY DO READ LETTERS TO THE EDITOR IN NEWSPAPERS, EITHER AT THEIR BREAKFAST TABLES ON PAPER OR ONLINE!  Unless you have regular access to a major TV or radio source, THE LETTER TO THE EDITOR IS THE BEST WAY TO SPREAD IMPORTANT INFO, INCREASE PUBLIC AWARENESS! These many Facebook groups are just a bunch of people exchanging stories about their miserable experiences with some government branch or agency, and some petitions which no decision makers ever will read! SEE THE ARTICLE ON OUR WEBSITE ABOUT PETITIONS. Yeah, they feel good talking to each other and knowing that they are not “the only one”, but that is not the way to accomplish CHANGE!!! Neither is a naive call for “revolution”! We tried that in the ’60s, with a tidal wave of revolutionaries – the SLA, The Weather Underground, the SDS, and I can name a dozen more. It did not work and never will.


I have spent more than 50 years getting things DONE. What counts is RESULTS, FOR GOD’S SAKE! 🙂 🙂 If you want to see real change, like the changes we are starting to see in criminal justice … ending mandatory sentences, reducing prison populations, treatment instead of prison for addicts and the mentally ill, and many other issues … DO WHAT WORKS! Quit spinning your wheels!

Here is WHAT WORKS: Letters to the Editor!!

For Criminal Justice Issues, just go to our website ( click on Articles, then click on the tab Letters to the Editor. There are at least 100 samples!
I get lots of letters published, and ghost write for others. The keys to getting your Letter published are:
1. Keep it to 250 words or fewer.
2. Do not make it about “poor little old me”. Describe the problem as one which not only affects the individual, but is a senseless or ineffective measure, policy, or law which also harms communities and society. For example, with reentry, the obstacles make it unnecessarily difficult for the individual, but also harm society by making it hard to become productive, spending money and paying taxes in the community, and they cause increased recidivism = increased crime.
3. Speak from your heart.
4. Google any facts you are not sure about.
5. Do not name-call.
Do what works: Write that Letter! 🙂
Letter to Editor – sign name, town, state, and your phone number (they often call to verify that you sent it), and “Member of Citizens for Criminal JUSTICE” if you like – shows you are part of a large group.
Send the email to yourself, and put on the “bcc” bar the email addresses for Letters to the Editor for the top ten newspapers in your state and several national ones – The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, U S A Today (google the Letter to Editor email addresses). Any questions, CALL me at 302-423-4067! 🙂
Need a Letter on some criminal justice issue and not a great letter writer? NO EXCUSE! Email me a rough draft and call me and I’ll polish it up! .