Woman sues, says she was hospitalized after prison dentistry

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Corizon is notorious for its awful “health care”! Here again we see that a short sentence for drug charges nearly  resulted in death due to prison officials’ medical incompetence and cruelty. Excerpts from the Article: A woman who says she suffered a life-threatening infection after Idaho’s prison staffers denied her antibiotics following dental surgery is suing state officials and Corizon Health, claiming she was...

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Many Penalties Reduced in Year One of First Step Act

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This is a drop in the bucket compared to what should be done, but some progress. Remember too that federal inmates are only 15% of our inmate population.  The states need to do much more reform in this area. Excerpts from the Article: Fewer increased penalties for recidivists were imposed during the first year of the federal First Step Act, the U.S. Sentencing Commission says in a new report. The report suggested that the law was having its...

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When Does “Normal Living” Happen in Recovery? – Interesting – kra

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As a former addict – clean 14 and a half years now – naturally this caught my attention among the hundreds of articles I get monthly. The article reminds me of some philosophy classes – much talk, many questions, no answers! I don’t agree with the characterization of many “likes and dislikes” as “addiction”. Some of the author’s attitudes are formed by the structure/principles of NA and AA....

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Study: Cannabis Use Associated with Reduced In-Hospital Mortality in Patients with Congestive Heart Failure

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MORE evidence of the medicinal power of Pot, yet the BOZOS in Congress keep it classified as dangerous as heroin! RAISE HELL FOR DECRIMINALIZATION OF POT! Excerpts from the Article: Heart failure patients with a history of cannabis consumption possess lower in-hospital mortality rates than do those with no history of use, according to data published in the journal Cureus. Researchers affiliated with Brookdale University Hospital Medical Center...

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Never Convicted but Never Exonerated, Either

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The system is sooooooo fucked up; this is one result. It is not an uncommon injustice, and all of it is due to our “war on drugs”!  To learn how, READ How the war on drugs destroyed Justice. Excerpts from the Article: Issues facing exonerees and wrongfully convicted individuals have been recurring topics in CLN and PLN. Still, there’s another category of arguably similarly situated citizens that must also be paid some attention:...

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Probation and Parole ‘Feed Mass Incarceration’: Report – No kidding! – kra

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Indeed, I have seen this problem for years. The real reason why we have more than 4 million Americans on probation and parole is because there are powerful financial forces opposing needed changes.  Sending people back to prison is job preservation for tens of thousands of people in the criminal justice system.  Most return for “technical violations”, like being 10 minutes late for curfew (if you think that does not happen you...

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