Smell of marijuana doesn’t justify stops, rules Md. appeals court

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Another step in the right direction.   Excerpts from the Article: Simply smelling marijuana doesn’t justify a police officer stopping and investigating someone, according to a new Maryland appeals court ruling. In a ruling released last week, Maryland’s Court of Special Appeals said police need “reasonable suspicion” that a crime is being committed to stop and question someone, and that just smelling weed doesn’t meet that standard....

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Letter to the Editor: Tragic death brings warning that fentanyl kills – PUBLISHED

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My dear friend, Jeanie Wilson, had this published in the Delaware State News of 5/4/21.   Letter to the Editor: Tragic death brings warning that fentanyl kills Every 7 minutes, a life is taken in the United States from illicit poisons! We need to be aware, and we need to do whatever we can to stop this silent epidemic. Delaware has a 24-hour helpline, (833) 9-HOPEDE.” May 15 marks one year since my 23-year-old son did not wake up. Our...

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Even When Marijuana Is Legal, Young People Are Locked Up for It

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It’s not helpful to lock them up, but advertising should be increased to warn that pot can damage brains under age 25.   Excerpts from the Article: As more states legalize recreational cannabis use, a large group is continuing to face marijuana-related criminalization: anyone under 21. Similar to alcohol laws, recreational adult-use cannabis laws permit anyone 21 and over to use cannabis recreationally. In practice, youth prohibition...

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Minnesota Counties Pay Out More Than $10 Million For Prison and Jail Settlements

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Just part of the BILLIONS of your tax dollars wasted each year nationally due to entirely preventable prison abuse!   Excerpts from the Article: “In the last 10 years, Minnesota counties have paid out more than $10 million in settlements and legal fees following lawsuits accusing jails of providing inadequate to non-existent health care to inmates,” KARE 11 reported in a major investigative report on October 29, 2020. One of the...

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Inmate at Downtown Spokane Jail dies while being transported to medical services

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I have seen hundreds – yes, hundreds – of articles about an inmate who died because jail intake officials did not do their job in screening the inmate for withdrawal symptoms; I bet that is what happened here.   The Whole Article: An inmate at the Downtown Spokane County Jail died while being transported to the jail’s medical services division on Monday afternoon. According to county spokesperson Jared Webley, the inmate...

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Editorial: Big spike in inmate deaths at MDC raises some serious red flags

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The never ending abuse of prisoners continues! Will we see officials arrested for the abuses mentioned here?   Excerpts from the Article: Without delving into medical histories, it would appear that the death of a 38-year-old woman booked in a littering case could – and probably should – have been prevented. Ditto a 35-year-old man arrested on a drunken driving charge and a 48-year-old man locked up on a misdemeanor domestic violence...

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