Want to build trust? Quit trampling our right to hold government officials accountable.

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We must eliminate “qualified immunity,” and hold police accountable for their conduct. Excerpts from the Article: James King was a college student walking to work in 2014 when two officers in street clothes stopped him and asked his name. King answered them, but one tore the wallet from his pocket anyway. Thinking he was being mugged, King ran. The officers tackled him and beat him badly – so badly that bystanders called 911. One officer later...

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Inside a pioneering U.S. site authorized to monitor people using drugs

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The history of supervised consumption sites in other countries proves that they save lives! Excerpts from the Article: In tears, Kailin See recounts a story that would not have been possible just weeks before. A man addicted to heroin, who otherwise would have injected himself alone, visited one of the country’s first authorized locations to use drugs with supervision in early December. He had a job interview later that day, hoping to earn two...

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Her Son Needed Help. First, He Had to Help the Police. Working as a police informant can be deadly—and people with a history of drug use are at extra risk of relapse or overdose.

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Another tragedy with our “war on drugs”! Excerpts from the Article: When Troy Howlett collapsed and died in his bedroom in Charles City, Virginia, on the morning of July 30, 2018, his mother, Donna Watson, was on vacation. It was a Monday, and 31-year-old Howlett was starting a new job that day. Watson, knowing her son was nervous about it, kept checking in, growing more worried as she got no response. Later that evening, having run...

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“Everyone respects a shooter” – a short essay by Ken Abraham

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Part of my prison time included some D O C “classes”.  With the exception of some of the education ones, most are a waste of time, with nobody staying on topic. I cannot remember the class I was in when some young fool blurted out “Everyone respects a shooter!”  The recent spate of shootings in Philly reminded me of this. Well, that was too much, so I raised my hand and when the teacher called on me I said “What a...

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Animal tranquilizer turning up in deadly overdoses across U.S

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One of the problems with not legalizing drugs is that it is unregulated = users never know what they are getting, and many die, like Mrs. Goodwin’s daughter in this article. Excerpts from the Article: Brooke Goodwin came home one night last March after being out with friends. She had just turned 23 the day before, had a good job and was planning to go away with friends the following weekend. Her mother, whose bedroom is next door to the...

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Why a New York judge’s decision about the family behind OxyContin matters to Delaware

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Thanks to our “take no shit” A G, Kathy Jennings, Delaware families will get more financial justice from the Sackler family! Excerpts from the Article: While hundreds of Delaware residents died from opioid overdoses, the Sackler family and Purdue Pharma – the company responsible for creating and manufacturing the popular painkiller OxyContin – profited by the billions.It’s a storyline that many have been reminded of with the recent...

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