LOCAL NEWS Racial bias detected in housing, punishment at King County jail, audit finds An audit found Black inmates received 23% more infractions than white offenders in King County corrections from 2017 to 2019.

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The same racial bias is rampant nationwide. Racism permeates every aspect of our criminal justice system.   Excerpts from the Article: An audit of King County corrections found racial bias evident in housing and discipline and made recommendations to decrease disparities. The audit, which was presented Tuesday to the King County Council Law and Justice Committee, examined data and incidents from 2017 to 2019 at the King County Correctional...

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California Starts Phase-Out of Most State Juvenile Prisons, but Loophole Allows Two to Remain Open

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A smart move; get rid of the loopholes!  Numerous studies have shown that 75% kids sent to juvenile prisons end up in adult prisons!   Excerpts from the Article: Beginning in July 2021, California will stop accepting nearly all youth offenders at three facilities operated by the Division of Juvenile Justice (“DJJ”). This resulted from an August 2020 deal between Governor Gavin Newsom and the California Legislature whereby the majority of...

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Woman sues MN Department of Corrections, says officer sexually assaulted her during transport

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This is the entire article from Prison Legal News.  I wish I had a dollar for every case of such abuse; pray that she wins!   Woman sues MN Department of Corrections, says officer sexually assaulted her during transport Randy Beehler, a defendant in the civil case, pleaded guilty last week to third-degree criminal sexual conduct in the state’s criminal case. A woman is suing the Minnesota Department of Corrections and former...

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Sprawling prison abuse lawsuit tied to Vaughn riot dismissed; others continue

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Unfortunately, this was inevitable. Because the guards who beat inmates, then denied them medical care, and otherwise abused them, wore their “goon squad” uniforms – full facial coverage – and wore no badges or names, it was impossible to prove who did what to whom.  Damn shame. Here again we see that DOC officials cannot be believed: Correction Commissioner Claire DeMatteis, who took over the department in the summer of...

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Steve Hampton Strikes Again – Lawsuit to hold DOC Accountable for Egregious Medical Neglect

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Steve does a great job in suing prison officials!    My friend and great attorney Steve Hampton filed this complaint in superior court yesterday, and says: “but I will not be surprised if the defendants remove it to federal court. Paragraph one of the complaint pretty much explains what this case is all about. Given the reports that I keep getting on medical care in the DOC prisons, it doesn’t seem to have improved since this...

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Inmate at Downtown Spokane Jail dies while being transported to medical services

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I have seen hundreds – yes, hundreds – of articles about an inmate who died because jail intake officials did not do their job in screening the inmate for withdrawal symptoms; I bet that is what happened here.   The Whole Article: An inmate at the Downtown Spokane County Jail died while being transported to the jail’s medical services division on Monday afternoon. According to county spokesperson Jared Webley, the inmate...

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