Practical Tip – There Are Support Groups for Parents Who Have Lost Kids to Overdose, Shootings, Suicide … and for Others With Such Losses – kra

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Did you know that there are a vast number of support groups for victims of our dysfunctional justice system and of our crazy world? SOME ARE LOCAL, SOME ARE WORLDWIDE; SOME ARE PUBLIC, SOME ARE PRIVATE. Just google whatever you may need. i.e. “support groups for Moms of those killed by drug overdose” or “support groups and similar organizations for children of those killed by gunfire”.  Or “support groups for the...

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Congress Cuts Crime Victim Aid, Tracks Police Misconduct

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Half stupid, half ok!  Victims need all sorts of help, and cutting aid makes NO sense.  Tracking law enforcement and its oversight is needed; we’ll see how this works. It looks like none of this is happening yet because it is tied to the corona virus relief Bill, which tRump is sitting on. Excerpts from the Article:  Federal aid to programs that help crime victims would drop by nearly one-third under an appropriations bill for the current...

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Technology and Police Reform

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The more information, the better.  I do not see an invasion of privacy with cops using cameras in any public space. Note the biases built into the system! Excerpts from the Article: Technology innovation seems to impact every aspect of our lives in the modern era, but what roles should technology play in policing? As the national conversation has turned to police reform, technology’s roles are being questioned anew. Three technology trends are...

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Dover Police Department makes progress with new policies, standards

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Good for Chief Johnson! He has his eye on the ball!   Excerpts from the Article: In a mid-June press conference, new Dover Police Chief Thomas Johnson announced a coming push for department reform. Also at the forefront of goals was an emphasis on boosting its community policing model to connect with the public. Dover Police Chief Thomas Johnson said his two main priorities entering 2021 will be to deliver the best body-worn cameras...

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Prisoners Exonerated in Michigan After Police Misconduct Revealed

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The only thing worse than police misconduct is prosecutor misconduct. This shit seriously erodes confidence in the police.  🙁  Excerpts from the Article: On March 24, 2020, Darell Chancellor and Darrell Richmond were ordered to be released from prison by a Wayne County, Michigan district judge who vacated their drug convictions. Chancellor had served nearly eight years, Richmond almost a year, before being freed through exoneration judgments....

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Mother Calls 911 for Assistance With 13-Year-Old Autistic Son; Police Arrive and Shoot Him

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I don’t think that is the way it is supposed to work! Said the Mayor: “… what happened on Friday night is a tragedy.”  No shit, Sherlock! It was a preventable tragedy.   Excerpts from the Article: According to a September 9, 2020, report from USA Today, Salt Lake City, Utah resident Golda Barton called police because her 13-year-old son Linden Cameron was having a mental health episode. Barton told KUTV that she...

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