Cincinnati Police Department Agrees to Audit of Its DNA Database

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Another outrageous case of police misconduct! To me, as a former prosecutor, few things are worse. The job of police and prosecutors is to be FAIR, not just to lock up people!   Excerpts from the Article: The Innocence Project of New York, along with the Cincinnati, Ohio, law firm of Gerhardstein & Branch (collectively “Plaintiff’s Counsel”), negotiated a settlement on September 14, 2020, wherein the Cincinnati Police Department...

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Baltimore to pay about $8M in police corruption settlement

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At least some bad cops were convicted, but no amount of money can right a wrong like this. Excerpts from the Article: Baltimore officials are set to approve a roughly $8 million settlement to two men who went to prison after drugs were planted on them a decade ago during an encounter with members of a rogue police unit that brutalized, robbed and falsely arrested residents. The city’s spending board is scheduled to take up the settlement...

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$665,000 to stop gun violence, help ex-prisoners in Buncombe; Groups may apply for grants

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Our friend, Lynn, sent me this article. If  we really want to reduce crime, WE MUST DO MORE OF THESE PROGRAMS! Excerpts from the Article: County leaders will use nearly $665,000 in grant money to reduce gun violence and help ex-prisoners reintegrate. The grants were reviewed and approved Nov. 5 by the Buncombe County Board of Commissioners. They were spurred in part by a 2018 Safety and Justice Challenge study paid for by the John D. and...

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Government Treats Protesting Cities as Enemies of the State

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This is all wrong and very dangerous to our freedoms!       Government watchdog organizations are reporting that multiple government agencies employed high-tech surveillance aircraft over cities with demonstrations over the police killing of Minneapolis resident George Floyd. On June 2, thousands of protestors took to the streets in major cities across the U.S. to call for an end to police brutality. In response, cities such as...

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Wilmington received a federal grant to purchase body cameras for its police officers

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See my earlier related articles. I have called for Body cams on all cops since they came out; they can eliminate/solve sooooooo many problems. Excerpts from the Article: Wilmington officials have received a federal grant to pay for the Police Department to wear body cameras, the city announced Thursday. The $630,000 awarded by the U.S. Department of Justice will cover the cost of cameras for the department’s 315 officers and four...

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Washington Federal Court: Looking at Lock Phone Screen Requires Warrant

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Search and Seizure with cell phones is usually straightforward. Police cannot inspect the contents of your phone without a warrant, with certain exceptions, like and emergency. Such as: A shoots B. The cops arrive 3 minutes after the shooting and use C’s phone to ID the shooter, who was recorded by C.     The U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington in Seattle ruled that the FBI conducted an illegal search of a...

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