Seaford woman called police for help; one who responded shot her dead

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Another cop out of control, and another case demonstrating the importance of vastly improving our mental health care systems. This lawsuit will be won or settled for many thousands of dollars  … YOUR tax money again being wasted; the whole thing could have been prevented. Excerpts from the Article: Kelly Rooks called Delaware State Police for help, but the officer who responded shot and killed her and broke her elderly mother’s hip,...

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All Delaware police officers now required to wear body cameras

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This is a good move; we need transparency and video records sometimes of what the cops are doing. Excerpts from the Article: Requiring all police officers in the state to wear body cameras was part of the Delaware Black Caucus’ Justice for All agenda, unveiled last year following protests over the Minnesota police killing of George Floyd. On Wednesday morning, members of the caucus joined other lawmakers at State Police Troop 2 in Glasgow as...

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Delaware State Police sued after plainclothes officers blockade wrong woman’s car

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God Bless lawyers like Mr. Igwe.  Come on, Delaware State Police, you can do much better than this bullshit!  When cops act like the rude idiots in this case, they just further undermine respect for police. This is another good reason to eliminate the Delaware police Bill of Rights law! Excerpts from the Article: Delaware State Police are facing a lawsuit after four plainclothes officers in unmarked vehicles blockaded a woman in her car and...

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Fix qualified immunity travesty that lets police off the hook after violating civil rights

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“Qualified immunity” is a horrible doctrine, causing much injustice. The current Supreme Court is not likely to fix it, but this is another good reason to “pack the Court”! Excerpts from the Article: After police followed an unarmed robbery suspect into Amy Corbitt’s Georgia yard, they ordered four young children – at gunpoint – to lie face down on the ground. When a deputy sheriff spotted a pet dog, which Corbitt said...

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A Probation Officer, a Dead Woman, and Lingering Questions … Her Family Sues

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Knowing many probation officers, I sure believe the allegations of misconduct in the lawsuit! Excerpts from the Article: In August 2017, a judge weighed sending Kisha Reilly to prison for years, but opted for mercy and a probation sentence that would be one more chance for Reilly to put longtime substance abuse problems behind her. A year later to that day, Reilly died from a drug overdose. In that year, her family claims she was coerced into a...

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Derek Chauvin sentenced to 22 1/2 years in prison for the murder of George Floyd

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He got what he deserves.  He will be lucky if an inmate does not kill him. Excerpts from the Article: A Minnesota judge on Friday sentenced Derek Chauvin to 22 1/2 years in prison for the murder of George Floyd, a Black man whose desperate gasps for air beneath the knee of the White officer captured on a viral video forever changed the American conversation on race and justice. Chauvin, who was fired after the killing and convicted by a jury in...

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