Study: Black People 65% More Likely to Die From Prison Time Than Whites

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I have scores or articles about racism in the courts, but this was a real eye-opener! Excerpts from the Article: New research has found that Black Americans who have spent time in jail or prison are 65 percent more likely to die prematurely, even if it’s been years since their incarceration, while having no meaningful impact on the long-term health of white former inmates, reports Health Day. The findings, published by the JAMA (Journal of the...

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Bring Plea Bargaining ‘Out of the Shadows’: Law Review Paper

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The system is so overloaded and dysfunctional that for years more than 95% of felony cases have ended with a plea! I have helped, and still do help, hundreds of innocent people who pled guilty because of pressure from some prosecutor too lazy and or stupid to learn the facts! The job of the prosecutor is to be fair, not just to get convictions. Excerpts from the Article: The dominance of plea bargaining and the lack of transparency throughout...

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More abuses at Delaware D O C! 1/3/ 2022

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I just got this email from my friend and great lawyer, Steve Hampton, who hears from inmates, their friends and families, every week.  Sounds par for the course at Delaware D O C: I understand they have another fairly large outbreak of Covid at Vaughn. All visiting has ceased. I still believe that it is the staff introducing the virus on a regular basis. They are still not mandated to get their shots, and “most say they will quit before...

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Agents with Homeland Security Investigations push to break away from ICE, saying negative reputation hurts their work

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Sure cannot blame HSI; ICE has a terrible track record and reputation. Excerpts from the Article: Federal agents from Homeland Security Investigations say they have been kicked out of joint drug operations, shunned by local police departments and heckled at campus career fairs. Their parent agency, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, carries a stigma that is undermining their investigative work across the country, the agents said in an...

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“Everyone respects a shooter” – a short essay by Ken Abraham

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Part of my prison time included some D O C “classes”.  With the exception of some of the education ones, most are a waste of time, with nobody staying on topic. I cannot remember the class I was in when some young fool blurted out “Everyone respects a shooter!”  The recent spate of shootings in Philly reminded me of this. Well, that was too much, so I raised my hand and when the teacher called on me I said “What a...

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Maxwell conviction a symbolic win for sex abuse survivors, advocates say

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And the full 65 year sentence will send a clear message to all who exploit women! Such a sentence is unlikely, but it is likely that she will get a sentence ensuring that she dies in prison. Excerpts from the Article: Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex trafficking conviction is being hailed by advocates as symbolically significant for sex abuse victims, the latest example of women convincing a jury in a high-profile prosecution despite defense efforts to...

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