NYers Celebrate Chauvin Verdict, March For George Floyd

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Folks celebrated nationwide, because this was not about one case, it was not about one decision, it was not about one cop.  It was about far too many cops killing people unjustifiably, for decades, with no accountability.   The Article: Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. New Yorkers breathed easily after jurors hundreds of miles away rendered that verdict against Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis cop who murdered George Floyd. Moments after...

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Hundreds sit in solitary confinement in Colorado’s jails. Lawmakers want to restrict the practice.

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What these articles do NOT tell you is that abusive DOC personnel make up fictitious charges to place those who complain about abuse in solitary, to try to shut them up. I SAW it for five years. READ It’s Not About What they Did to Me This law is well intended, but it should be applied to all facilities, and enforced!   Excerpts from the Article: Although the state hasn’t had long-term solitary confinement in its prisons since 2017,...

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Minnesota Counties Pay Out More Than $10 Million For Prison and Jail Settlements

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Just part of the BILLIONS of your tax dollars wasted each year nationally due to entirely preventable prison abuse!   Excerpts from the Article: “In the last 10 years, Minnesota counties have paid out more than $10 million in settlements and legal fees following lawsuits accusing jails of providing inadequate to non-existent health care to inmates,” KARE 11 reported in a major investigative report on October 29, 2020. One of the...

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California Starts Phase-Out of Most State Juvenile Prisons, but Loophole Allows Two to Remain Open

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A smart move; get rid of the loopholes!  Numerous studies have shown that 75% kids sent to juvenile prisons end up in adult prisons!   Excerpts from the Article: Beginning in July 2021, California will stop accepting nearly all youth offenders at three facilities operated by the Division of Juvenile Justice (“DJJ”). This resulted from an August 2020 deal between Governor Gavin Newsom and the California Legislature whereby the majority of...

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STAR Program Redirecting Mental Health Emergency Calls Away From Police a Success in Denver

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This program or policy should be in EVERY major city!   Excerpts from the Article USA Today reports that Denver, Colorado, is showing success with a new program that directs emergency 911 calls that deal with mental health issues, drug abuse, and homelessness to a two-person civilian team composed of a medic and clinician called the Support Team Assistance Response (“STAR”) pilot program. Originally managed by the city’s safety department...

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