Mentally ill woman dies in custody, lawsuit alleges deprivation of medical care

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If I had $5 for every article like this one which I have seen, I’d be wealthy.  As I have said: “America has the best health care in the world … and the worst! The best can be found in hospitals across the nation, and the worst is in prisons and jails across the nation!”  However, the whole country is deficient in MH care, and in prisons, there is no such thing. I have SEEN what we call mental health care in prison. The local...

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San Diego County agrees to pay almost $3 million to family of Vista jail suicide victim

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What they don’t tell you in these articles is that every year many jail suicides go unreported, because the prisons cover them up and even lie about cause of death – “natural causes”!  I remind you that I have SEEN what goes on. I also I can tell you that I have seen many promises like this go ignored!  They never do it.: “We are even more grateful that the board has publicly announced its intention to dedicate the...

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NY millionaire Robert Durst guilty of best friend’s murder

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Another failure of our abysmal mental health system. Durst should have had help/treatment years ago. Durst will get exactly what he deserves: life in prison. Though clearly he is “missing a few marbles”, he was not legally insane.  Any attempt to conceal the crime, or flight, shows that one “knows right from wrong”, and therefore is not legally insane. Excerpts from the Article: A Los Angeles jury convicted Robert Durst...

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Homeless Man Arrested in Case of Mistaken Identity, Institutionalized for Over 2 Years

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Just disgraceful! A gross injustice due to one lazy and/or incompetent cop; the officer should be sued by Mr. Spriestersbach inasmuch as it seems he has suffered permanent trauma! Excerpts from the Article: A homeless man was wrongly arrested by Hawaii officials in 2017 in a case of mistaken identity and was institutionalized in a state hospital for over two years when he repeatedly insisted he was not the person they said he was before quietly...

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Seaford woman called police for help; one who responded shot her dead

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Another cop out of control, and another case demonstrating the importance of vastly improving our mental health care systems. This lawsuit will be won or settled for many thousands of dollars  … YOUR tax money again being wasted; the whole thing could have been prevented. Excerpts from the Article: Kelly Rooks called Delaware State Police for help, but the officer who responded shot and killed her and broke her elderly mother’s hip,...

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ACLU of Delaware hires new legal director

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The ACLU is a tremendous asset for some who are abused by authorities and cannot afford counsel; I have been a member since law school, decades ago.  The problem is they are understaffed and underfunded! SUPPORT THE ACLU; there is a branch near you!   The Article: The American Civil Liberties Union of Delaware announced Monday it has selected Susan L. Burke, an award-winning attorney and experienced litigator, to be its next legal...

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