Supreme Court says Manhattan DA can get Trump’s tax records, but rejects bid by House Democrats – YES! – kra

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And I predict he is sure to be indicted!  It’s the beginning of the end for this lawless, incompetent, dangerous fool. Based on my vast, vast experience in criminal law, as a prosecutor, I would bet my life that tRump is fighting like hell on this BECAUSE his returns will reveal multiple crimes …. tax fraud, money laundering… AND we will see that when we finally DO see the sonofabitch’s returns! 🙂 I post anti Trump...

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PLN Mentioned in Article About Sanders and Warren propose ending ‘qualified immunity’ for police, which would make it easier to hold cops accountable for misconduct

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Everyone interested in common sense fairness should urge that this becomes law; end “qualified immunity” for cops. Excerpts from the Article: Three Senate progressives have introduced a bill that would end “qualified immunity” for police and other public officials, making it easier to hold them personally liable for wrongdoing on the job. Under current law, a law enforcement officer can violate a citizen’s...

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Delaware fighting coronavirus outbreak at Sussex prison – Maybe they would not have to if the idiot guards wore the masks they were issued! – kra

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My thoroughly reliable source tells me that as soon as they are out of range from any camera, most of the guards REMOVE their masks! Duh. No wonder the virus is spreading. Excerpts from the Article: Delaware prison officials are fighting an outbreak of coronavirus at Sussex Correctional Institution south of Georgetown. On Monday, correction officials said 58 inmates at the prison have tested positive for the virus, the first inmate cases at...

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ICE announces students on visas must leave US or transfer to another college if their schools go online-only

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Immigrant – Carpe Diem! Carpe Diem, it means “seize the day”, The epitome of the American spirit, it’s what we say, Take advantage of whatever comes your way, MAKE things happen, go for your dream, come what may, And that is why the Immigrant seeks the land of opportunity, our home, where we work, live and play, Right here in the good ole U S of A! We are A NATION OF IMMIGRANTS, you Bozo fool named tRump, so get out of...

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The Guatemalan rainforest: Lush jungle, Mayan ruins and narco jets full of cocaine – Of Course! – kra

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Of Course! The War on Drugs is a whopping disaster, and should end. We all know it, but lawmakers are idiots, who pander to the many forces contributing to their campaigns to avoid needed reforms. For every 1 person arrested, 29 benefit financially, yet most of them are helping neither society nor the individual arrested. READ How the War on Drugs has Destroyed Justice. I remember when the system worked well; justice nearly always was the...

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Supreme Court: state may require presidential electors to support its popular-vote winner- We the People rule -YES! – kra

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This could cut both ways politically, but the important point is that electors must follow the popular will.     The Supreme Court ruled unanimously Monday that a state may require presidential electors to support the winner of its popular vote and punish or replace those who don’t, settling a disputed issue in advance of this fall’s election. Justice Elena Kagan wrote for the court, and attempted to settle the disputed “faithless...

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