Successful Alternatives to Armed Police Response

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We can see good solutions and substantial savings when law enforcement officials keep their thinking caps on. Excerpts from the Article: Since the May 25, 2020, killing of George Floyd by police, a movement to defund police departments across the U.S. has been gaining momentum. Defunding is not always the answer to law enforcement agencies that have traditionally been tasked in jack-of-all-trades roles of mediator, mental health crisis...

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When Police Caught Lying, the Spin Begins

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A chronic problem, and there are few things worse than cops misleading us about the TRUTH! ANY police officer telling lies should be severely disciplined. Excerpts from the Article: Traditionally, police have been the ones to call when a common citizen has been assaulted, robbed, had his home burgled, or a car stolen. They were called noble, even honorable names like Blue Knights or New Centurions with the motto “To Protect and Serve” on their...

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Wound care treatment improving for inmates – With kra Letter to the Editor

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I must keep ever alert, keeping an eye out for significantly misleading statements like several in this article. First, I know from the calls, letters and emails which I receive daily (and my calls to two guards, who refuse to speak publicly for fear of unlawful retaliation), and my frequent contact with other prison reform advocates, that health care in America’s prisons remains a disaster. Don’t be deceived by statements like:...

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Trump’s new plan to hijack the census will imperil America’s future

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A lot of what he does imperils America’s future! This latest idiotic move by our Idiot in Chief is not likely to withstand court challenges. The census affects criminal law in many ways, not the least of which is redistricting, which determines which lawmakers get elected … and they make the laws. Excerpts from the Article: If Donald Trump winds up as a one-term president—which current polling suggests will be the case—he seems...

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Judge rejects Delaware vote-by-mail lawsuit

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This was quite predictable. But this shows how desperate the GOP is to disenfranchise people! Excerpts from the Article: A Delaware judge on Monday upheld a law allowing vote-by-mail this year due to the pandemic, rejecting a lawsuit from the state Republican Party. Sam Glasscock, a member of the Court of Chancery, concluded the GOP failed to prove the measure is unconstitutional and unnecessary after hearing arguments on the case Thursday. “In...

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After jail employee reported sexual assault by supervisor, she was told to ‘resign or transfer’

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Here we see the all too common ignorant arrogance and abuse of females by law enforcement officials. This is some real BULLSHIT! I hope this woman is awarded many millions of dollars, to bankrupt the abuser. See the unusually lenient plea deal the dirtbag got. WOMEN, If you are in Delaware and are being sexually harassed by a Corporation, a private executive, a government official, a cop, or an entire government agency, CALL me and I shall...

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