Growing Need to Protect Attorney-Client Emails

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Hard to believe that federal prosecutors are doing this. ALL communications between lawyer and client should be protected! There are many good reasons why most of them are, and there should not exist this exception, carved out for inmates. Excerpts from the Article: Communication between attorneys and their clients has long been protected by federal law. Technology, however, has changed the way people in the legal field communicate in the span...

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Dover PD looks to put mental health clinicians in police cars

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A smart idea, which I have encouraged for years, and which I suggested to the Chief when I met with him. Time to make it happen! Excerpts from the Article: Thomas Johnson, chief of the Dover Police Department, has researched the programs and heard some of the success stories that towns like Smyrna and Georgetown have had with getting mental health clinicians to ride along with police officers. So, naturally, Chief Johnson is interested in...

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Cincinnati Police Department Agrees to Audit of Its DNA Database

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Another outrageous case of police misconduct! To me, as a former prosecutor, few things are worse. The job of police and prosecutors is to be FAIR, not just to lock up people!   Excerpts from the Article: The Innocence Project of New York, along with the Cincinnati, Ohio, law firm of Gerhardstein & Branch (collectively “Plaintiff’s Counsel”), negotiated a settlement on September 14, 2020, wherein the Cincinnati Police Department...

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Inmate COVID cases take big jump

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No surprise, when guards remove their masks as soon as they are off camera range! What a bunch of dangerous idiots! Excerpts from the Article: Positive COVID-19 cases at James T. Vaughn Correctional Center skyrocketed from 45 to 174 in a recent five-day span, according to an update Tuesday. The Delaware Department of Corrction reported that 155 COVID-19-positive inmates at Vaughn were asymptomatic as of Tuesday morning and 19 were experiencing...

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Trump pardons former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI – With Letter to the Editor – kra – And in so doing he undermines the Rule of Law! – kra

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This is another stark reminder of what an asshole tRump is. I happen to specialize in Applications for Pardons, and Flynn does not even qualify to apply using the normal process. But no, no normal process is needed because tRump abuses his pardon power by pardoning his political buddies. This sends a terrible and troubling message: it is ok to lie to the FBI about national security matters; there will be no serious consequences for this crime!...

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