I get enough complaints about this stuff to know that for every one of these incidents of rape by police where the cop is held accountable, at least 100 are not reported or nobody acts on the report. Credit is due here to authorities for charging the dirty cop.

Follow this and pray the cop is convicted and given prison time.

Excerpts from the Article:

Two women who last year accused a Contra Costa County sheriff’s deputy of using threats to rape them while they were being held in the Richmond jail each settled for $40,000, according to county records released Monday. The women, who this newspaper are not naming, were both awaiting trial in the West Contra Costa Detention Facility in March 2018, when they alleged they were sexually assaulted by then-Deputy Patrick Morseman, 29, a resident of Vallejo at the time. After a police investigation, Morseman was charged with four counts of unlawful sex with an incarcerated person, but not rape, court records show.

Morseman was fired and arrested after the allegations surfaced.

After Morseman’s arrest, the women acquired attorneys at civil firm based in Los Angeles called West Coast Trial Lawyers. They were expected to file a federal lawsuit against Morseman and Contra Costa County, but the legal claims settled last November, without a suit having been filed. Contra Costa County released records detailing the settlement on Monday, in response to a records request by this news organization.

The records released by the county were supposed to be redacted, but were sent to a reporter with the names of the women listed. This newspaper, though, has a policy against naming alleged victims of sexual assault or domestic violence without their explicit consent. One of the women, known as “Jane Doe 1” in court records, recently caused a hiccup in the criminal case against Morseman when she failed to obey a subpoena and show up to court to testify against him. Last week, a judge issued a bench warrant for the woman.

Last year, the women alleged Morseman approached them in a jail cell and threatened to give them a write-up if they didn’t perform various sex acts on him.

Morseman was initially investigated on suspicion of raping the women under color of authority, but police say they later acquired evidence — details of which have not been made public — that showed Morseman committed what the penal code defines as “unlawful, consensual sex.” He pleaded not guilty and remains out of jail on bail. A preliminary hearing in his case is set for April.

Women who accused Contra Costa deputy of rape settle for $80,000