Women, Speak Out! Women, Speak Out! Women, Speak Out! 

It is Sunday, 11/12/17, and it is time for brutal honesty, not perfect phrases. Sometimes you need to call a scumbag a scumbag and an asshole an asshole! Jesus did! It’s just not in the Bible because it was edited to be “politically correct”! 🙂 

It has gone on since Adam and Eve: men who think: “Women were made for me to have sex”! 

Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Bill Cosby and other comedians, that scumbag sinner masquerading behind religion, Roy Moore, a sexual predator politician, Donald “the doofus” tRump … who is next? The person who took advantage of you, abused you, when YOU were too young and afraid to  speak out? NOW is the time to make the truth known! We are seeing the beginning of the end of the days when so many would tolerate the intolerable. 

Go to the press, go to the prosecutor, and “Hammer Harvey”. Harvey Weinstein and any other fool who abuses women! Need help and support? Get it. Talk to your minister. Any legal questions? Call me at 302-423-4067. I promise that I will not use my favorite “pick up” line which I thought was funny (and so did the women) when I was an idiot at 30: “Hi, my name is Ken, what’s your favorite position?” !

If you were abused in the past, settled a claim, and signed a nondisclosure agreement, don’t sweat that! Read Accusers face risks in breaking nondisclosure agreements – Don’t Sign a Nondisclosure! kra … to learn why that is not a problem. Call me with any questions about this. 302-423-4067.

Accusers face risks in breaking nondisclosure agreements – Don’t Sign a Nondisclosure! kra With Letter to the Editor

You were NOT made to be abused by assholes! NO, you were  made to be a Mom, a wife, a CEO … whatever you choose to be, and you were made with a VOICE!






And, oh yes, why is that idiotic, ego-consumed, dangerous abuser/predator president still in office?!