Women – My Observation

Are you thinking of running for political office? DO IT!

We saw record numbers of females elected to offices in 2018. I have followed politics ever since my days as a political science major in college, many centuries ago, and I believe women make better politicians. There are exceptions, of course.

We also saw record turnouts by women at the polls … most of whom have had more than enough of tRump! 🙂

They ALL work for us, and are supposed to do what is best for us and this great nation. I say perhaps it is the mothering instinct, but they make better politicians because they CARE! You can call me sexist, you can say I am painting all females with a broad brush …. you can say whatever you want … just see the attached image.

So, Baby, Baby, if you want to run for governor, county commissioner, mayor Congress … anything … roll up your sleeves, be honest, and GO FOR IT!