Women and Drugs

Women were made to cherish and adore,
None should become what is called a “crack whore”,
That’s not my term; it is what they are called on the streets, and I find it deplorable,
Yet our War on Drugs has made many into prostitutes, who could be so adorable,
They will do anything to get high, and there are thousands in every state,
It is one aspect of the drug war not much discussed, but one we should hate,
I think I have never heard a more disgusting term than “crack whore”; it’s the most disgusting description I have heard,
Next to, perhaps, the infamous “N word”,
The War on Drugs is directly to blame,
For turning “our little princess” into an adult with such shame,
You don’t think so?
Then you simply don’t know,
Hell, in countries where drugs are legal prostitution is down,
Wake up America, for our daughters are wearing a frown!
Kra 10/20/16