I have seen the remarkable dysfunction in our criminal justice system. I remember when it worked well; justice was the result in virtually every case. Not today. I know the causes for the change and the solutions. Also, I have first-hand knowledge of the abusive situation within the walls of our prisons.

I have spent the past 9 years immersed in the system, studying prison issues, civil rights issues,  current criminal law, and related problems like addiction and mental illness. Four of these years were 16 hour days, when I was illegally imprisoned for four years and kept in an isolation cell.

I am a former prosecutor, defense attorney, teacher, business broker,entrepreneur, addict, and homeless person, so when I counsel people, with most, I have been in their shoes. I still am in contact daily with inmates, their friends and family, and attorneys who practice in this area. There is far too much injustice in the system.

I do this because a) my experience has prepared to do it well, b) too few will, c) so many officials have their heads in the sand, d) the public needs to know about these problems/solutions, e) I am so grateful for the help I got when released from prison, from Christ Church, from DIMH, and from some true friends, f) it’s just the right thing to do!

I urge you all to help us restore justice to the system.

6/16/15 A local church asked me what we do:
CCJ Description:
Citizens for Criminal Justice, a nonprofit corporation based in Delaware, addresses all problems with today’s criminal justice system, offer solutions to those problems, and every day provides guidance to dozens of people with all manner of questions/problems about the system. Also, through its Church Reentry Program, CCJ assists former prisoners on their journey back to society, and counsels individuals to help them with the reentry process. CCJ has partnered with DIMH homeless shelter and I spend many hours each week helping the men there with reentry.
We are educating the public through our Facebook group, now over 6,700 members from virtually every state, our Letters to the Editor campaign (about two dozen folks all over the country sending letters to the press about problems/solutions with the system), our weekly Enewsletter, and our website, www.citizensforcriminaljustice.net, updated almost daily with pertinent and practical articles, with my comments, “What YOU can do” suggestions, and more.
We hold an annual “Rally on the Green” in Dover to remind the public about the issues (this usually gets good press coverage too), and an annual Christmas Party for Children of Parents in Reentry. At our first such Christmas Party last year we were able to gift 14 children, ages 6 months to 16, with a great dinner, personalized Christmas Stockings, lots of high quality age-appropriate gifts, and we gave away 10 bicycles. My friend Bill Holmes, who was Santa for the City of Dover for years, arrived as Santa Clause. The smiles on the kids’ faces made all the work worthwhile.
Thanks for your inquiry, and God Bless!