This is something I posted on the internet a couple of days ago. Got a little blowback so I vowed to reconsider it – we should all be open to constructive criticism. Now, several days later, I stand my ground. Douche Bag Donald IS responsible! He sets the tone … he is responsible for sex crimes and hate crimes.


Sure, women were created to have sex with men … VOLUNTARILY!

Doofus Donald is the Commander in Chief, and it is no stretch to say that the fact that sexual assaults against females in the military increased in 2017 is partly the fault of Doofus himself. With his “grab them by the puxxx” comments, his behavior and his other remarks, he sets the tone, he sets the standards. He could and should order a ZERO TOLERANCE policy, with serious investigations an vigorous prosecutions to end sex abuse in the military!

Get that sorry sonofabitch out of our White House!!

Goodnight. I post anti Trump comments because all responsible citizens have a duty to do so! I shall give the nitwits who respond in his defense exactly the amount of my time they are worth: NONE.

Senator Martha McSally says she was raped while serving in air force =