He thinks everything, even a natural disaster, is political, tRump is dangerously deranged!

That fool in our White House actually tried to stop shipment of life saving medical supplies to Wyoming and to Michigan because the governors of those states had criticized his response to the crisis! He soon reversed himself on that, after the story broke.

FOLKS, if you don’t vote him out you DO need a good shrink!

You think this idiot can effect any meaningful criminal justice reform?! No way.

As one of our LinkedIn friends said: “The people of all states deserve better than this selfish, ruthless and immoral conduct by Mr. Trump.
I hope they will remember this in November”.

READ https://www.mercurynews.com/2020/03/27/coronavirus-michigan-gov-says-supply-orders-are-being-cancelled/ = Coronavirus: Michigan gov. says supply orders are being cancelled
President Trump publicly criticized Gov. Whitmer in a phone call Thursday with Fox New


https://www.propublica.org/article/heres-why-florida-got-all-the-emergency-medical-supplies-it-requested-while-other-states-did-not = Here’s Why Florida Got All the Emergency Medical Supplies It Requested While Other States Did Not
The Department of Health and Human Services has come under fire as several states’ requests for supplies from the emergency medical stockpile go unfulfilled. A chaotic distribution plan is buckling under a big problem: Nobody has enough.