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He is one Article I highlight:   House GOP blocks vote protecting medical marijuana states    – Given A G Sessions’ rediculous stance on marijuana, this could portend very bad news and widespread legal chaos!   If you don’t think that Trump and his followers are a disaster for criminal justice reform, just look at this nonsense and at the proliferation of private prisons!       


Several lawmakers said Wednesday that GOP leaders won’t allow the full House to vote on an amendment that bars the Justice Department from pursuing states that have legalized medical marijuana. Without legislation, states would lose protection they have enjoyed for the past four years, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions could begin his long-sought crackdown on the rapid expansion of legalized pot.


“The status quo for four years has been the federal government will not interfere because the Department of Justice is not permitted to use its resources to supercede a state that has legalized the medical use of marijuana,” Rohrabacher said.

He said that without his amendment, “we’re changing the status quo in a way that undermines the rights of the states and the people … to make their policy.”