I am at it again. I just spoke with Margaret Hawkins, head of DARSOL -google it – and sent her this email”

Thanks, Margaret, 4/27/19

Some of them are such a nightmare: “mean spirited little bullies”! – and so obviously unqualified. We must find out: “What qualifications are required to become a “counselor” conducting the “group” sessions which sex offenders on probation are required to attend?”

Please feel free to forward my email to anyone who can answer this question; D O C won’t tell me. I suspect from the many horror stories I hear from those who are tormented by these people, that the answer is: they must be “a Mental Health Clinician”. I met dozens of them in prison, and they are no more qualified to pretend to be a psychologist or psychiatrist than the man in the moon. They get some piece of paper saying they are a “Clinician” and off they go – grossly ignorant!

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Folks, you would not believe the bullshit I hear from soooo many probationers about these little tyrants with a title! Once I have the answer to the question, I can write an ACCURATE editorial piece, highlighting the problem, for it is serious indeed.