This is an issue YOU should speak out about! Voting rights should have NOTHING to do with criminal justice or one’s record.  It is blatant suppression of Black votes.

Excerpts from the Article:

While majority of states restrict prisoners from voting, a rare provision in Vermont law gives all state residents voting rights. With just days to go before Election Day, Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos says exercising the right to vote shouldn’t be taken away even for those in state prisons.

“It’s common sense and common courtesy to allow people to be able to participate in their democracy,” says Condos.

Vermont and Maine are the only state that allow inmates to vote, regardless of their sentences or convictions. For the first year, Washington, D.C. is also allowing incarcerated residents to vote too.

Rachel Feldman with the Vermont Department of Corrections says the voting rights of those in prison is granted by the state’s constitution. However, it doesn’t mean all inmates housed in Vermont prisons can vote, only those who are state residents and had a Vermont address before being incarcerated.

“We protect voter privacy the same way voter privacy is protected for those in the general public and we do not track the number of incoming ballots and outgoing ballots,” says Feldman.

Feldman says the Department of Corrections doesn’t keep track of how many people vote from prison. Condos says the state doesn’t keep track either since inmates register to vote using the last Vermont address they had, prior to being incarcerated.

“Studies show that with people who are incarcerated or committed felonies participate in the democratic process are less likely to be rearrested in the future,” says Falko Schilling, the advocacy director of the Vermont ACLU.

Schilling says the ACLU believes all states should allow incarcerated people to vote, especially given people of color are incarcerated at higher rates throughout the country.

“We know that these laws disproportionately impact people of color and strip them of their right to vote. We think this is one more reason people around the country should have the permanent right to vote, and that right should not be taken away when they are incarcerated or convicted of a crime,” says Schilling.

“We are a stronger democracy if every eligible vermonter that can vote does vote,” says Condos.

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