My friend, Steve Hampton, Esq., called to say that he won a verdict – an award – of $65,000 against some Delaware D O C officials who beat an inmate for no reason.



                                                                                                      PRESS RELEASE – 4/3/19
                                                                         Dover Lawyer Wins Case Regarding Brutal Assault

On Tuesday, April 2, following a two-day trial in the Superior Court of the State of Delaware, Dover attorney Stephen Hampton, Esq. won his case on behalf of Jake Fox against Eben Boyce, who brutally attacked and injured Mr. Fox for no reason whatsoever, when the jury awarded Mr. Fox $65,000 in damages. What is noteworthy is that this was no “run of the mill” assault case.

This was one of scores of cases which could and should be won annually! You see, Mr. Fox is an inmate, and Mr. Boyce is a Delaware D O C prison guard. For every one of these cases which is filed, at least a dozen more could and should be. For every one which makes it to trial, at least 100 do not, because most inmates do not have an attorney, cannot get one, and they are no match for the D OC lawyers who specialize in making these cases go away! So many such cases are filed that there are at least a half-dozen, maybe far more, attorneys to swat them down.

As I have said for years, since I SAW it, Delaware D O C is an agency out of control. Mr. Hampton, myself, and other advocates know this because we get credible and verifiable reports of crimes committed by D O C staff weekly … primarily from inmates and their loved ones. It is long past time for the Press to acknowledge the tragic, rampant, and counterproductive violence against inmates by prison personnel.

Here is the Complaint filed in that case:

Ken Abraham, former Deputy Attorney General, founder of Citizens for Criminal JUSTICE, Dover, DE, 302-423-4067


This is what we need to do  … get the word out! I sent this to my press list of about 300 media outlets.


The Articles about the trial were published on the front page of our state’s two principal newspapers the day after I sent out the Press Release.

Here is the one from the Delaware State News:

Ex-inmate awarded $65,000

Here is the one from the Wilmington News Journal: 

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