They should have this poster nailed on every door in every court.

1. I am helping a guy from the shelter file for divorce, saving him the cost of an attorney and over $400 in costs and fees. He has a no contact order for his ex, whom he has not contacted in more than 20 years. His probation officer is giving him shit about the divorce filing, saying it is a violation of the no contact order. It is not. I have made sure there is no way they will successfully violate him, but they could seriously disrupt his life, because he could be in prison for months b4 getting a hearing IF they violate him.

So let me be sure I understand this: The P O wants to violate him for permanently ending contact with the person for whom he has a no contact order?!

2. A judge in Maryland told a lady whom I am helping that he was dismissing her efforts to collect on the alimony order, because she had sent notice of the filing to her ex via UPS, not the U S mail. She had proof that he signed for it. But the court rules require service by sending via U S mail; they do not require proof of receipt – just that u mailed it. Now if that is not just stupid, tell me what is!

Carpe Diem.

Of course, I get emails, letters and calls daily about far more harmful and stupid instances of stupidity in our courts.