This ensures justice for Manifort. He WILL be convicted and because it is a state case  Doofus Donald cannot pardon him! 🙂 🙂

NY prosecutors announce Manafort indictment minutes after federal sentencing =

The indictment, unveiled by Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance, charges Manafort with 16 counts related to mortgage fraud, conspiracy and falsifying business records. “No one is beyond the law in New York,” Vance said in a statement. Manafort’s alleged actions “strike at the heart of New York’s sovereign interests, including the integrity of our residential mortgage market,” Vance added.

The problem is super serious, super dangerous, and super embarrassing for our great country. There is a mentally ill, criminal, bombastic fool in the White House. A FOOL! Act NOW to get him out! tRump and his cabal of criminals are gravely injuring our country!

And ditch Mitch and others supporting this idiot!!

Focus on getting the greatest danger to America, Doofus Donald, OUT OF OFFICE. Pay no heed to the distractions – the “emergency”, the “wall”, the name calling, all of the online arguments! Do NOT get bogged down arguing with tRumpsters,! Arguing with them is futile!

IGNORE tRumpster’s efforts to drag you into distractions. Post FACTS, and beat that drum demanding IMPEACHMENT. CALL the Congressional switchboard at least twice a week to demand IMPEACHMENT: 202-224-312- OR 202-225-3121!

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I shall give the nitwits who respond in his defense exactly the amount of my time they are worth: NONE.

You can also mail them