Wow! Incredible! Truly frighteningly clever and dangerous.

Who is the World’s most dangerous criminal? Not some terrorist planning the next attack to kill thousands. Not the nut job planning to shoot up a school. No, the world’s most dangerous criminal is the leader of a mob of cyber wizards, none other than Vladimir Putin!

You must see the “A marriage made in hell” segment of this 60 Minutes broadcast to get a taste of the scope, the wile, the guile, of this danger! It is astonishing. Sure, they have stolen trillions of dollars worldwide, but they pose even greater threats.

Can they shut down key U S computer systems at will? Department of Defense? Communications networks?

Can they contaminate millions of computers with misleading or false information to influence the conduct of the viewer … as in elections?

I can only conclude that the answer to these and even more scary questions is “Yes”! Why? Because while we have identified them – after a ten-year quest – our government has not devoted the resources needed to protect us from this modern and deadly criminal, the cyber criminal.

WATCH the video, the map showing infected computers in the U S alone! More scary than Charles Manson.

A Marriage Made in Hell