The email I just received from a FB* friend of mine, R,  truly “made my day” …. and it is only 12:45 A M so far! We shall call his son S, and he is the first person I have actually heard benefit from RDAP by getting an early release [he is not out yet but almost certainly will be released sooner thanks to RDAP]. That doesn’t surprise me because although I deal with inmates’ families every day, the federal prisoners are only 15% of America’s incarcerated ( 85% are in city, county, and state jails and prisons) and the eligibility for RDAP is quite limited. Most state prison treatment programs are a total joke (do not work).

*I have been banned from FB for NO reason, but I am active on MeWe and Linked in. R is one of the FB friends whose names I remembered when they banned me and whom I email periodically to ask them to spread the word on FB about my availability/credentials for others who need help.

I will add that tRump, who is such a disaster for criminal justice reform, did not enact this law; it preceded him.

Here is the email from my friend:

Hello Ken,
Good news with Sxxxxx. Thanks to the RDAP program, he’s getting a year off. Officially, he’s going to halfway house on June 15, 2019, and he was first incarcerated on August 23, 2016, so this is less than three years of his five-year sentence. And if he gets a job right away, he may be able to serve his six months of halfway house time under house arrest, which would be fabulous!
He’s already having me look up jobs for him, and with his talent – he’s a linux server specialist with a handsome resume – he shouldn’t have a problem.
He’s on lockdown at Beaumont Low, however, until next week, which means he is missing his first two days of class at Liberty University. He’s been trying to take college classes since he got there, and now he’s not able to attend it until they are off lockdown.
And so it goes.
Thanks again for all you do, my friend.

Let us pray that the program works for S! 

NOTE: You do NOT need to hire a consultant to get into RDAP! There are many “prison consultants” who try to get huge, unnecessary fees to aid in RDAP placement, when any relatively bright person can do it him/her self!

Any federal prisoner who thinks he/she may qualify should ask the counselor for details about this and other treatment programs.

What is RDAP? An Overview of the Residential Drug Abuse Treatment Program  and other federal programs provided by the BOP:
What is The RDAP Program?  

Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP)
RDAP is the Bureau’s most intensive treatment program. CBT is used in a modified therapeutic community model where offenders experience living in a pro-social community. Offenders live in a unit separate from general population; they participate in half-day programming and half-day work, school, or vocational activities. RDAP is typically nine months in duration.

The Bureau and National Institute on Drug Abuse combined funding and expertise to conduct a rigorous analysis of the Bureau’s RDAP. Research findings demonstrated that RDAP participants are significantly less likely to recidivate and less likely to relapse to drug use than non-participants. The studies also suggest that the Bureau’s RDAPs make a significant difference in the lives of offenders following their release from custody and return to the community.

The Wikepedia description of RDAP