You may have seen this story on the news; it was all over the TV. To be sure, this monster deserves a long prison term. I suspect he was on drugs, but we don’t know yet.

You say, of course, “How can you give sex offenders, the worst of the worst sort of criminals, a bad name?” 

I spent 3 1/2 hours this morning with a friend of mine, “T”, who is on the registry – yes, the sex offender registry. I have several such good friends, and I know them very well. The one this morning, I have spend hundreds of hours with over the past two years, helping him navigate life as a S O after prison.

Why? Because he deserves help. He did commit a sex crime as a teenager, and he served more than 39 years in prison for it. His mental health issues are part of why he did what he did, and we have talked extensively about that. Today, however, he is doing everything right; he has a room he rents at the shelter’s transition house, he has a job, a car, and would not harm a fly.

The main reason that I have to spend so much time with T is that he is learning impaired. Has been all his life. Was set back in 2d, 3d, and 4th grades! He cannot spell at all, and cannot complete the simplest of forms without help.

I don’t think he has any Mental Health issue capable of diagnosis [yes, I know about that as any licensed MH counselor], but we arranging a thorough MH exam to take place soon.  I have tried to get him to do it for months, but he just bounced from one “counselor” to another. He needs to see a good shrink, and he will with my help. Was set back in 2d, 3d, and 4th grades! He cannot spell at all, and cannot complete the simplest of forms without help.

As I said he’s my friend. This morning I mentioned this kidnapping and he said: “Yeah, guys like that are why I am treated the way I am.”  Too true. Here is another fact you may not know: More than 90% of those caught up in “sex offender hysteria” never molested anyone. They are on the registry, branded for life, for looking at pictures. Sure, many need counseling, but they are NOT dangerous.  See numerous related articles on my website!




Excerpts from the Article:

A man in Texas is accused of kidnapping an 8-year-old girl in broad daylight. Thankfully, the girl has been found safe. Police in Fort Worth say 51-year-old Michael Webb snatched Salem Sabatka from her mother while the two were out walking.

Police say surveillance video shows Salem’s mother trying to get her daughter back, but she was thrown out of the car. Several law enforcement agencies, including Homeland Security, searched for the girl overnight, but it was two local church members who helped find the suspect’s car at a hotel.

“These guys are our heroes. We’re here in police uniform with badges and guns and everyone calls us heroes. We have two citizens who went out of their way, there were viewers on our social media account, there were viewers on your media stations that assisted us 100%. They’re our heroes tonight,” Buddy Calzada with Fort Worth Police Department said.

Authorities found Salem in good condition. There’s no word yet on a motive.

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