“Free” E-Tablets Are Anything But = More Exploitation of Inmates and their Families – kra

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I printed the original lengthy article, and now we see the situation is worse! The financial exploitation of the poorest among America’s poor, inmates, – most of whom are colored – is never-ending! Commissary fees are outrageous, Some prisons charge for visits, even banning live visits so they can bill for video visits, …and the list goes on!   Excerpts from the Article: A lengthy article concerning e-tablets in...

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People Serving Life Exceeds Entire Prison Population of 1970

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This excellent report is 5 pp. OPEN the link to see the graphs and charts and read the whole article! Studies show that many serving life do NOT need such long sentences. i.e. Life because stealing a candy bar was your “3d strike”!   Results show (exonerations) that thousands are INNOCENT!   In 24 states, there are now more people serving life sentences than were in the entire prison population in 1970   While prison...

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Prosecutors Transform Due Process into ‘Dues Processed’ – All Unfair, of Course! – kra

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Folks, this really is outrageous. Prosecutors preying upon the most vulnerable: poor people ( the vast majority of criminal defendants are black and poor) seeking to avoid prison time! Speak out about it. Here is HOW: Practical Tip: How YOU can become a “prison reform advocate” – or any ADVOCATE! Here is how! EASY as 1, 2 ,3 ! DO IT! –...

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Federal appeals court rules against Trump in two major immigration cases – Thank God! – kra

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tRump’s “Wall” and immigration issues are all utter racist BULLSHIT! His policies have done incalculable harm to many good, hard-working people seeking the opportunities here. Pray hard that the Supreme Court sides with striking down tRump’s unfair rules and regulations. Excerpts from the Article: A federal appeals court on Friday delivered two blows to the Trump administration’s immigration policy, ruling against...

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Essay on the Guilty Plea, by Ken Abraham: The ‘Voluntarily and Knowingly Made’ Standard – This is a HUGE Myth! – kra

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This is one of the greatest myths in the world of criminal justice: that one’s guilty plea is/was  ‘Voluntarily and Knowingly Made’ . About 95% to 98% of all cases end in a guilty plea. In 2018 alone, in the federal system there were 73,109 federal convictions with 71,550 of them being guilty pleas. And the federal system is only 15% of all cases! When one pleads guilty [READ Rush to Sentence  – A Major, Awful Consequence of our “War on...

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