How Cities Make Money by Fining the Poor In many parts of America, like Corinth, Miss., judges are locking up defendants who can’t pay — sometimes for months at a time.

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I have posted many articles similar to this one. It is another way – there are so many – that our criminal justice system is unfair. Tragically, the story you read hear about Ms. Tillman is the story being played out every day in America’s courts. We can smugly ignore these problems, but I implore you to join me in raising hell about it – give voice to the voiceless!  This is an excellent examination and expose of the...

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Gov. Kim Reynolds to propose constitutional amendment lifting felon voting ban in Condition of the State

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So far Florida is the only state to have done this – by voter demand in a referendum – and now some politicians there are still trying to make it difficult by enacting “regulations”. ALL states should restore voting rights to convicted felons, and the main reasons they do not want to are (a) most such folks are minorities and (b) those are the people who really know about the many rampant crimes being committed daily by...

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Beware of the Backlash Against Reform Prosecutors

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She deserves some sort of “Prosecutor’s Medal of Honor”! As the most powerful element of the criminal justice system, prosecutors are poised to do the most good in terms of needed changes. The pushback discussed here is no surprise to me. For ever 1 person arrested, 29 benefit financially, so much of the opposition comes from those trying to preserve their useless jobs! Excerpts from the Article: A month before Suffolk County...

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Prisons are housing mental health patients who’ve committed no crimes – New Hampshire’s Unique Law – Cruelty – kra

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I would think that a Habeas Corpus petition would succeed in this case. We shall see. While I am well aware of the abominable treatment of the mentally ill in America, I was not aware of this New Hampshire law until my friend, Steve Hampton, Esq., sent me this article. Thanks Steve. Here is Mr. Hampton’s contact information: Stephen Hampton Grady and Hampton LLC 6 North Bradford Street Dover, DE 19904...

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I once wrote mandatory minimum laws. After ties to Abramoff landed me in prison, I know they must end

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There is still a long way to go in eliminating them, but today most judges realize that these laws were a mistake! Studies show that for children, having a parent in jail is more traumatizing than divorce! READ The first case in Delaware with a Mandatory Minimum Sentence. My Miracle Case. Ron Whitney Excerpts from the Article:   Three months into my federal prison sentence, my cellmate Santos saw that I was struggling. I couldn’t stop...

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