Florida Spent $1.7 Million, and Counting, to Impede Felon Voting Rights

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Make no mistake about it: these laws prohibiting ex offenders from voting are racist. Most ex offenders are colored, and the powers that be do not want them to vote, plain and simple.  I say again: voting rights should have nothing to do with one’s criminal record. There is NO logical, non racist connection. Excerpt from the Article: Florida’s legal battle to defend a 2019 law that requires felons to pay all “legal financial obligations”...

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Commentary: For Latinos and Hispanics, voting has consequences

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As my good friend Charito points out, too few latinos and hispanics vote, and her organization and others are uniting to inform them of why they should and to get them out to VOTE!  The Article: By Charito Calvachi-Mateyko As public policies are decided in the halls of the legislature, these become personal matters for Americans of Latino descent. For them, national and local deliberations about immigration, Dreamers, equal rights, health care,...

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ABA report captures impact of privatization of fees on the poor

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My good friend and great lawyer, Steve Hampton, sent me this article.  Second only to “the war on drugs”, privatization is the worst thing to happen to our criminal justice system. Excerpts from the Article: Hefty fees for services such as drug testing and electronic monitoring are weighing down low-income people moving through the criminal justice system, according to a report by the American Bar Association. The report,...

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Supreme Court hears Delaware judicial balance case

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As I predicted when this suit was filed, I believe Delaware should and will lose this lawsuit! Politics should have NOTHING  to do with judges! Excerpts from the Article: The U.S. Supreme Court heard a case Monday that could invalidate Delaware’s long-existing judicial balance law. The state constitution requires each of the five major courts to have as close to an even breakdown of judges by political party as possible. The seven-member Court...

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Judge blocks deportation of man detained on church grounds

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Remember this: Vote tRump out and you restore common sense and fairness to ICE, Border Patrol, and our immigration laws and policies. Sheeeit, tRump’s lies and his racist fear mongering began the moment he got off that elevator!  IMMIGRANTS BUILT AMERICA!  🙂  And Pence perpetuates the madness! READ https://apnews.com/article/virus-outbreak-pandemics-public-health-new-york-health-4ef0c6c5263815a26f8aa17f6ea490ae  = Pence ordered borders...

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