Support the Delaware ACLU – and the ACLU in YOUR Area! – kra

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All of these are good ideas, and badly needed to curb injustice.   Just Announced: 2020 Legislative Priorities for the Coalition for Smart Justice We made historic progress in criminal justice reform this year. From expanding access to second chances to reforming the drug code and more, there’s a lot to be proud of! But our work isn’t done yet. You helped us get this far, so we wanted you to be the first to know about our...

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Oklahoma Set to Release 462 Inmates Monday in Largest-Ever Single-Day U.S. Mass Commutation – Grrrrrreat! – kra

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ALL states should be doing this, for it will greatly reduce prison costs, and make us safer!  Voters approved a state question in 2016 that made simple drug possession and low-level property crimes misdemeanors instead of felonies. Stitt signed a bill earlier this year that applied those sentences retroactively. And there need not be a public vote! The Governor’s office can take the initiative and make it happen! Excerpts from the...

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DEFENDING THE CONVICTION INTEGRITY UNIT IN ST. LOUIS – Of last year’s exonerations, 107 involved official misconduct, 111 included perjury or false accusations, and 31 were based at least in part on mistaken eyewitness identifications. – kra

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Yes, the system is so fucked up that more than 40 prosecutors offices now have conviction integrity units!  Many more, at the city, county and state levels, SHOULD have them. Excerpts from the Article: In the past 30 years, exonerations have freed people who have collectively spent over 20,000 years in prison due to wrongful convictions. Since 1989, more than 2,400 people have been exonerated. This year alone, there have been 80 exonerations so...

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Opinion: A conservative case for expunging criminal records

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What a train wreck the system is.  Changes in expungement laws and procedures are coming much too slowly. It should be a simple process for most crimes, and it certainly should be AUTOMATIC once a person has gotten a pardon!  But nooooooo, many of  our idiot legislators want to  brand people needlessly  for life! Excerpts from the Article: There are around 70 million Americans with a criminal record. In Michigan, estimates range from 500,000 to...

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You’re in college. You have a medical problem which Pot will greatly alleviate, so you have a medical marijuana permit.  Yet you need to deal with this shit!  This is yet another reason to take Pot off the federal drug schedule and legalize it. There are oodles of good reasons! This really is a load of bullshit … needlessly preventing good, smart kids from entering the health care profession! Excerpts from the Article: Colleges are...

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