Alabama sheriff pocketed $750K in inmate food money as a result of unusual law – “Mr. Greed” strikes again! kra

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Ken’s Comments:   Attorney Steve Hampton sent me this article, and it is yet another reminder that antiquated and poorly written laws provide excuses for this sort of outrageous conduct.    Excerpts from the Article:   An Alabama sheriff who is paid $93,000 a year was able to pocket more than $750,000 from excess money in an inmate food fund over a three-year period, thanks to a state law passed before World War II. ...

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Why ‘Drug-Free Zones’ In Tennessee Are Getting A Bipartisan Second Look – These “Zones” are Absurd – kra

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Ken’s Comments   These “drug free school zones” never have worked. In fact, like many of our “war on drugs” laws, they have caused much injustice. Just read about some of the cases highlighted in this article!   Excerpts:   The War on Drugs was the catalyst for a number of new laws aimed at curbing the illegal sale and use of narcotics across the U.S. “Drug-free school zones” were born from this...

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WeedWeek for the week of 3/10/18. ALL the Marijuana news!

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THE newsletter for Pot news: Politic, Health & Science. Business, Culture, Criminal Justice, and much more. There are more than 80 articles, but constraints on my time allow me to highlight only one: Driving and Cannabis Hit the Skids. Should people under age 21 be tested for driving under the influence of cannabis?  I say NO! Read related articles on my website to see that the myths about driving under the influence of Pot overwhelm the...

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Practical Tip – Get off the Sex Offender Registry – pardons – kra

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In most states, It is nearly impossible to get off the the registry. “Sex Offender Hysteria” has assured that!  I have spoken to many, many people who have been denied that request.  But there is a way! If you know anyone who has this “scarlet letter for life”, have them CALL me and I shall tell them how to greatly improve their chance of getting out from under all of the restrictions and burdens suffered by those on the...

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One year and 9 months: Solitary confinement hell for detained immigrants – Sessions

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Ken’s Comments:   Most people do not know that what ICE is really doing is arresting thousands of hard-working responsible people and holding them in horrid conditions – private prisons – before deporting them! Read oodles of articles on this website or just google the issue! I’d like to punch him squarely in the face: the fat load who heads ICE and tells T V reporters at Fox Fake News: “We’re just...

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