The Injustice of This Moment Is Not an ‘Aberration’ From mass incarceration to mass deportation, our nation remains in deep denial.

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From the woman who sparked a fire with the book , “The New Jim Crow”! I have written several articles on the issues she raises, but I did not correlate the mass deportation to mass incarceration, which, as she points out, is no coincidence. Excerpts from the Article: Ten years have passed since my book, “The New Jim Crow,” was published. I wrote it to challenge our nation to reckon with the recurring cycles of racial reform, retrenchment...

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US states move to stop prisons charging inmates for reading and video calls Draft bill aims to curb rise of pay-per-minute ebooks and costly facetime calls in prisons where visits are banned or restricted

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Great news, and EVERY state should do this! These measures endanger YOUR safety: all studies show that better educated inmates, and prisoners who stay in touch with loved ones, are far less likely to re-offend! Advocate for it! Here is how: Practical Tip: How YOU can become an ADVOCATE! Here is how! EASY as 1, 2 ,3 ! DO IT! Excerpts from the Article: Lawmakers in three US states are drafting a bill that they hope will end the growing trend of...

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26 bags of body parts found in western Mexico ravine – END our asinine “war on drugs” – kra

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THIS is what our “war on drugs” “accomplishes”, while drugs flood our streets with ever-increasing deadliness! Yes, this article is about Mexico, but not long ago bags with body parts were unearthed in the desert in AZ = the U S of A! Irrespective of where they are, each is a Mother’s son or daughter! HERE is the solution, Folks! READ IT! The Answer to the Drug Problem … or do you want to continue to waste about a...

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Under secret Stephen Miller plan, ICE to use data on migrant children to expand deportation efforts -No Surprise! – SECRET, Because the Bastards Knew it was Illegal! – kra

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This is no surprise, Miller is the weasel behind tRump’s most cruel policies – i.e. putting little children in cages, ripped from their parents with NO plan in pace as to how or when to reunite them! We must get this tyrant out of our White House! Thank God for our Freedom of the Press, which tRump would love to quash, or we would never have known about this  … and what else?! Remember this comes from tRump, who has NO respect...

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U.S. Supreme Court leaves in place ruling barring prosecution of homeless – Great! – kra

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Homelessness? There, but for their next paycheck, go MILLIONS of Americans! I was homeless, and I counsel homeless folks every single day. The Court certainly ruled correctly here. I’ve written at least 20 poems about homelessness. I give this one an A for message, and an F as “poetry”!  🙂  Valentine’s Day Yes, it’s the time when we give our lovers candy and flowers, But don’ forget the lessons sent from a...

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