Bipartisan Effort Would Keep Tennesseans From Losing Their Licenses Over Court Fines – GOOD! – kra

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This certainly would make sense. States are quick to revoke driver’s licenses for a host of situations, most notably, failure to pay child support. It is a stupid, counter-productive, failed policy. Without a license one is hard pressed to get and keep a job  … to earn the income to pay fines or child support!  DUH. EVERY state should do this! Excerpts from the Article: A federal appeals court is considering whether Tennessee should...

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Probation and Parole – a short Essay by Ken Abraham – With Letter to the Editor or Editorial Submission

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You can google oodles of articles about this, and one thing you won’t find is the reminder that some of the Probation Officers are mean-spirited little people in uniform, who delight in bullying terrified probationers. We have seen it many, many times, to the point that the helpless ex offender admits to things which are not true. A prime example is a P O brow-beating the ex offender, and trying to play psychiatrist, by hinting at...

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First Anniversary of the Parkland Shooting – Short Essay by Ken Abraham – 2/14/19

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Today is the first anniversary of the horrid Parkland shooting. It coincides with Valentine’s Day. For the love of our children, we need changes! 17 dead kids, 17 more people injured, BECAUSE of (1) America’s long-standing neglect of our mentally ill and (2) the Supreme Court did not understand the words “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State” in the 2d Amendment … or they simply...

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Courts’ bail reform policies are questioned

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This legislation has been fraught with problems; they can and should be fixed ASAP. We have far too many people languishing in prison needlessly. People who are not dangerous should not be imprisoned because they cannot afford to pay $500!                                         They should issue these for real life! A “get out of jail free” card.   Excerpts from the Article: Last year, lawmakers passed a bill to reform bail in...

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A Disturbing Number of Missouri Towns Evict Residents for Calling the Police

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I first encountered this problem about a year ago when someone called me for help, wondering how in the world she could be punished for calling the police.  I was able to get the city to drop the fine in that case. But these ordinances are increasingly becoming a problem, and it seems to me they plainly are unfair. Excerpts from the Article: Over the last few decades in towns and cities across America, local authorities have passed laws that...

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