Boycott States with the Death Penalty! – kra

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Our friend from LinkedIn, John Romine, called me to discuss this idea   … “does it make sense”  … and I said sure! There are many reasons to ban the death penalty. READ: Death Penalty Letter to the Editor Write a Letter to the Editor something like the one below!  Send it to the largest 3 newspapers in each state with the death penalty! READ this to see how to do the letter: READ IT! Practical Tip – Get Empowered! How...

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Virginia: City Of Portsmouth To Dismiss All Marijuana Possession Cases – Smart! – kra

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Sure, it’s just one city, but it is a sign that “the times, they are a changing”!  This is the policy I had when I was a prosecutor, in the ’70s! Hats off to Ms. Morales!  Excerpts from the Article: Officials for the city of Portsmouth (population 95,000) will no longer seek to criminally prosecute low-level marijuana possession offenses. “Effective immediately, please be advised that this office hereby moves for...

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Supreme Court’s Death Penalty Ruling Leaves Legal Experts Aghast – Awful Decision! – kra

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This is the character of the judges tRump is appointing. Downright appalling. Excerpts from the Article: Critics on Tuesday said the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in a case brought by a Missouri death row inmate fundamentally erodes protections against torture enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. Justice Neil Gorsuch wrote the opinion for the court’s right-wing majority in the 5-4 decision, ruling that Russell Bucklew can be executed by lethal...

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California Justice Calls Death Penalty System Dysfunctional – Another Move in the Right Direction – kra

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Doubtful that the current Supreme Court will do it, but it is loooong past time to declare the death penalty in America unconstitutional. It is demonstrably ineffective in deterring crime, fought with racism, and is applied capriciously.  Excepts from the Article: The death penalty system in the nation’s most populous state is dysfunctional and expensive, and a ballot measure approved by voters to speed up executions will not make it...

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Sussex chiefs’ group eyes alternatives to incarceration in addiction, mental cases – Good Move – kra

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They are understanding that the “tough on crime” methods do not reduce crime. Every department should establish and actively promote the Angel Program, like Dover P D and a couple of other departments have done. Publicize the fact that addicts can turn themselves in to police, no questions will be asked, and free treatment – outpatient, not locked up – will be provided immediately. READ Dover police start Angel program...

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