Parole Is Better Than Prison. But That Doesn’t Mean I’m Free. At age 17, I was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. I got out due to Supreme Court decisions, but there was one catch: Parole for the rest of my life.

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You see, for every 1 person arrested in America, 29 people benefit financially!  Think about it – cops, support staff, prison guards, the zillions of “contractors” who work in prisons, parole officers, their support staff, … and the list goes on. So all these groups’ unions and many more spend millions every year blocking needed reforms and lobbying for laws to keep people in the system and violate them for things...

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A judge will reconsider a trucker’s 110-year sentence following a public outcry

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This was an accident, for Heavens sake! Something must be done to reduce this absurd sentence. This case also shows the unfairness of mandatory minimum sentences. READ = The Highest of Highs – Essay – kra Ron W Mandatory Minimum, where I wrote: “The first time I experienced the high I am talking about was in ’81 or ’82 when I got my client out of prison. He was the...

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Executions, death sentences in U.S. reach historic lows in 2021

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This is good news. READ Death Penalty Letter  Death Penalty Letter – Worth Publishing again in 2019, with some now calling for more death penalty statutes! – kra Excerpts from the Article: Report finds three states — Alabama, Texas and Oklahoma — account for most death penalty cases In 1999, 279 people were sentenced to death in the United States, and 98 prisoners were executed. That year saw the most executions since capital...

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Two Strikes and You’re in Prison Forever Why Florida leads the nation in people serving life without chance of parole.

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These kinds of laws do NOT help anyone and they do not keep us safer.  They are an outdated holdover from the “get tough on crime” days, when we saw that they simply are too harsh, unfair, and ineffective. This article was so long that I could not edit it as I would have liked. I had to leave out much about Mr. Jones’ background, but it all is available if you open the link. Nobody with any sense can say that this law is fair....

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Culture of Corruption: ex-UAW leader gets 28-month sentence

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So it goes in America: steal hundreds of thousands of dollars and you get a couple of years.  Steal a loaf of bread, and if you’re Black, you get 50 years in prison. This actually happened to a man in CA under their “3 strike rule”!   Excerpts from the Article: Former United Auto Workers president Gary Jones was sentenced to 28 months in prison for scheming to embezzle hundreds of thousands of dollars in union dues. U.S....

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