AP analysis: Legal pot for all takes a toll on medical users

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This unforeseen consequence of general legalization is indeed harming some Americans. For patients who need medical pot, quality declines, access declines, and prices rise. I do not see a really good solution, because all businesses – pricing and supply decisions –  are driven by the market.  If  YOU see a solution, let’s have it.  Excerpts from the Article: When states legalize pot for all adults, long-standing medical...

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If You’re Unlucky or Black, Your Prison Sentence Could Be 63 Percent Longer – I Already Know! – kra

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Although racism is rampant in our criminal justice system, 74% of Americans answer NO when asked whether there is racism in the system. This is why we must continue to fight for right and spread the word! See related articles with many more statistics. Excerpts from the Article: A new report from the U.S. Sentencing Commission reveals that the length of a defendant’s prison sentence increasingly depends on the whims of the judge. For example,...

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PLEADING GUILTY TO GET OUT OF JAIL The criminalization of poverty in Franklin County, Pennsylvania, has led to a staggering increase in incarcerated people, all at a huge cost for defendants and taxpayers alike.

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This article caught the eye of my friend and great attorney, Stephen Hampton, Esq. because he has family in Franklin County and spent some of his youth there. I can tell you that this phenomenon is an all too common tragic consequence of our screwed up criminal justice system all over the country! As this article reminds us, this not only ruining the lives of those directly affected, it is costing YOU, the taxpayer, millions of dollars. See...

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More prisoners are exonerated from Florida’s death row than anywhere else in America – How bad is this?!  A dramatic example of how royally screwed up the system is! – kra

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How bad is this?!  A dramatic example of how royally screwed up the system is!   Excerpts from the Article: Florida has more exonerations of death row inmates than any other state in the country – in fact, there’s been one exoneration of a death row prisoner for every three Florida executions over the past four decades. Many people working in the criminal justice arena say that stark fact shows the system deserves a serious review. In...

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The cost of caring for mentally ill inmates

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When I landed in prison it was immediately apparent to me that (1) many inmates were seriously mentally ill and (2) they were getting NO help for it! READ many articles about that on this website. The total cost of America’s neglect of our mentally ill is a a staggering $444 BILLION  annually!  Our prisons are the dumping grounds where we place the mentally ill. They need treatment, not prison. I guarantee you that much of the spending we...

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