New Florida prison policy to stop contraband: ‘Inmates will not be placed in’ their home county – Another WRONG Move! – kra

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Ridiculous. The motive is profit, pure and simple, The guards will continue to be the overwhelmingly major source of contraband, while this policy makes life more miserable for inmates and their loved ones. All studies show that inmates with frequent in person visits commit fewer crimes when released! Excerpts from the Article: A new policy to stop contraband from getting into Florida prisons has inmates and their families upset. And some...

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Letter to the Editor or Editorial Submission – So Much Ink, So Much Blood – kra

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Letter to the Editor or Editorial Submission – So Much Ink, So Much Blood – 9/10/18  kra At least twice a month I see an article or an editorial calling for “the” way to end the crazy, deadly shootings on city streets. The latest piece called for the clergy to become more involved in high crime areas. Before that it was “revive the street crimes unit” of the police department. And before that it was calls for...

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The Tiny Giant – RBG

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This “little old lady” is more than worthy of being the pop icon which she is! She is a gem. She is a legal genius. Many men, as well as women, have benefited from her wisdom as a Justice on our highest Court. What a great line for women’s rights: “All I ask of our brethren is tha they take their feet off our necks”! YOU really should watch the documentary to understand her courage, her genius, and the importance...

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Federal judges butt heads with U.S. lawmakers over legality of ankle monitors for nonviolent suspects

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This is one of several issues concerning these monitoring devices which need to be decided by the Supreme Court. Several such cases have been decided differently in the Circuit Courts in sex offender cases. Some say it is punishment, some say it is not. Open the full article to see many cases in many courts with differing opinions. It is a crazy patchwork of “law”. I love this quote, because it is the point I have been making for...

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Cash crop: High hopes for industrial hemp – Sam Chick’s push for hemp – kra

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My friend Sam Chick knows his business. He owns a first class store in Downtown Dover, DE, and it is anything but a typical “head shop”. First class service and first class products, with knowledgeable people behind the counter!  Sam has been pushing for legalization of hemp for quite some time, because he knows it has about a zillion uses! The big fly in the ointment remains the ludicrous federal criminalization of pot, but Sam is...

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