The ‘Black Market’ in Prison Health Care – I say, Unfair ans Stupid, because inmates scam the system! – kra

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More bad news about prison “health care”.  As care declines, and costs spiral out of control, states are charging inmates more fees, whether or not they use the health care provided. That is not fair. inmates and their families are already financially exploited in many ways. See related articles on costs of commissary items (FAR above outside retail prices), “free” tablets, video visits, phone calls, … and the list...

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Alabama DOC Stonewalling Federal Investigation; Eight Prisoners go on -They stonewall or cover up, or both! – kra

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What’s new!?  Prison officials obfuscate, stonewall, or just lie like hell about America’s biggest dirty little secret: prison abuse!   Excerpts from the Article: On October 3, 2018, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) filed a petition to enforce a subpoena naming Jefferson S. Dunn, Commissioner of the Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC), as the respondent. The petition seeks an order to show cause why Dunn should not be...

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Death and the Shadow Docket The Supreme Court’s efforts to shift procedures in death penalty litigation.

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Here we see more muddled and non transparent procedures used by the Supreme Court in handling death penalty cases. They should admit that the death penalty is racist, arbitrary, useless, and unconstitutional! READ what I wrote in 2013: Death Penalty Letter to the Editor Excerpts from the Article: A couple months ago, the Supreme Court lifted a stay of execution in Dunn v. Ray, allowing Alabama to execute a man despite the prison’s refusal to...

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5 Cuyahoga County corrections officers indicted on charges that include assaulting restrained inmates, falsifying records

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Pray for convictions and prison terms! Idris-Farid Clark and Robert P. Marsh face assault and civil rights charges for a July 2018 incident where an inmate was restrained and pepper sprayed. Clark is accused of pepper spraying an inmate who was restrained in a chair.  This is what guards did to me, except they sprayed me and then lifted me over the back of the chair, threw me to the cement, and kicked me around for a while. READ How to avoid...

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$4.75 Million Settlement for Pennsylvania Teenager’s Withdrawal Death in Jail

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I have read scores of articles about these deaths caused by prisons failing to treat addicts in withdrawal, and in many of them, the cover up is as criminal as the medical neglect. While I was in, I heard the jackass guards say hundreds of times “we stick together”.  And they do, with their cover ups.  READ Culture of Cover Up – Prison Abuse There is NO reason this 18-year-old girl should have died! Excerpts from the Article:...

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