Locomotive Engineer Derailed Train to Wreck Navy Hospital Ship Mercy Over Coronavirus Suspicions, Feds Say

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Yes, the world is full of Looney Tunes, and out neglect of the mentally ill costs us $444 BILLION every year.  Your tax money wasted! Warehousing them in prisons is not the answer! Excerpts from the Article: Prosecutors charged a locomotive engineer who worked at the Port of Los Angeles with intentionally derailing a train at full speed near the US Navy Hospital Ship Mercy because of suspicions over it and activities surrounding COVID-19,...

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Judge orders names turned over after watchdog group finds “rampant flaws” in FBI surveillance

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No matter who is president, the D O J, including the FBI, should stay OUT of politics. That’s the problem with our asshole A G, Barr: his constant meddling. Excerpts from the Article: The FBI received a slap on the wrist this week over flaws in surveillance applications. The flaws were discovered by the inspector general of the Justice Department. On April 3, Judge James Boasberg ordered the FBI to turn in the names of targets in the 29...

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The American Legal Industry -short essay by kra 3-31-20

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  This image pretty well sums it up. Did you know that for every 1 person arrested, 29 people make money?! It is no wonder that all manner of people/groups spend BILLIONS of dollars annually fighting needed changes to our wildly screwed up justice system. For them, it is merely job preservation. Never mind that most of them don’t actually help anyone, (neither individuals nor society) that the system is so fucked up that thousands...

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Letter to the Editor – Pardon Doctors and Other Health Care Workers NOW – 3/21/20 – Improved now. PUBLISHED

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PUBLISHED on page A 4 of The Delaware State News of 4/4/20 Letter to the Editor: Pardon doctors, other health care workers   Letter to the Editor – Pardon Doctors and Other Health Care Workers NOW – 3/21/20 I happen to specialize in Applications for Pardons, Clemency and Commutation of Sentences. In most states, the process to get a pardon takes from 14 to 24 months, and in the federal system, even longer. In this time of...

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A year after inmate died in a Louisiana prison wearing spit mask, family files wrongful death suit

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We think carefully about spending our money … except when paying taxes! YOU, whatever state you live in, should raise hell about prison abuse because scores of preventable lawsuits like this one are wasting thousands of YOUR tax dollars! Excerpts from the Article: The family of a Louisiana prison inmate who died in custody a year ago filed a federal lawsuit Monday alleging he was severely beaten while handcuffed and then denied medical...

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