Largest US immigration raids in a decade net 680 arrests

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And I bet not ONE of them is a rapist or an MS 13 gang member! This is what our government is REALLY  doing, arresting hard-working people seeking the opportunities which exist only in America.  And please spare me that shit about “they are here illegally”!  Some laws are just asinine, and the ones making criminals out of refugees should be changed to civil penalties! READ Letter to the Editor or Op Ed Submission – The “Illegal”...

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D.C. is considering giving more prisoners a chance for early release. Prosecutors are pushing back.

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I was a prosecutor. Too many of them don’t get it: children and young adults, whose brains aren’t fully mature, should not receive adult punishments of decades in prison. Prison sure as hell is not helping them nor helping society! You DON’T want to get me started – see many articles on this website. Moreover, a judge still must ok the release. Excerpts from the Article: Legislation proposed by a member of the D.C. Council...

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Supreme Court’s Stealth Revolution in Civil Procedure = Bad News for Plaintiffs Seeking Justice – kra

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The U.S. Supreme Court steadily and without fanfare has been revolutionizing multiple areas of civil procedure to provide litigants with a battleplan to win their cases. The stealth procedural weapons include personal jurisdiction, venue forum selection clauses, gatekeeping rules for pleadings, arbitration protections for businesses and placement of limits on class actions. I could not print out the article, but it spells bad news for...

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ACLU: U.S. has taken nearly 1,000 child migrants from their parents since judge ordered stop to border separations

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tRump is still doing it, doing it more, and lying like hell to us about it! Ignoring, again, an order from a Federal Judge, the tRump administration is grossly misrepresenting what is going on at the border.  Ripping young children from their parents because Mom or Dad had a driving violation is BULLSHIT! READ these excerpts: “the group represented 120 children and found that nearly all separations were “contrary to the best interests of...

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York County to pay $550K to estate of woman killed in 2012 in settlement of federal lawsuit – Another preventable death – costing taxpayers millions. – kra

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Another preventable death – costing taxpayers millions, when you include the total costs – court, attorneys on both sides for all parties (at least 9), and the Estate’s claims against Crawford remain pending. READ Why the Massive Indifference is a Massive Mistake Excerpts from the Article: A $550,000 settlement has been reached in a federal lawsuit brought against York County, its Prison Board, and several of its officials by the...

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