Federal judge considers $1M in fines for prison medical provider’s ‘intractable failures’ – “Do it, Your Honor!” kra

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Ken’s Comments:   Our friend and great attorney Steve Hampton, one of few who will sue the prison staff, sent this article. Corizon Health has a long record of deadly deliberate indifference to serious medical needs, and perhaps this sort of fine will send the message they need to get! This awful company makes tens of millions of dollars with contracts in one state alone, and they operate in dozens of states. If they are going to be...

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Sessions fires former FBI Deputy Director McCabe – Politics has NO place in criminal justice! kra

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Ken’s Comments:   If  you don’t think the firing of Mr. McCabe two days before his scheduled retirement was politically motivated, you don’t know what’s going on. For months, tRump has agitated for his dismissal. tRump’ lawyer recently called for an end to investigations regarding tRump. Just before the firing, the president’s spokeswoman called McCabe a”bad actor”! The only one telling us...

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Speak Out on Important Issues! Letter to the Editor about pay/performance gap.

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I was a state employee for 6 years (1 as law clerk to the Supreme Court, and 5 as Deputy Attorney General, handling thousands of criminal cases, where I saw how lazy/incompetent too many government workers are. Since then, during the past 40 years, I have see great real personal harm done to many by too many such state and federal workers. Raise a little hell about it; they work for YOU!    I sent this out to my 250+ press email list this...

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Letter from a concerned citizen, Pam Rehmer, about racism in the criminal justice system.

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A friend of mine in Massachusetts sent me this letter [she should send it out as a Letter to the Editor, perhaps with the introductory sentence being “I am writing to increase awareness of a major problem in our criminal justice system”] and I include it here because racism is a major problem in the system. Although polls show that 74% of Americans don’t think the system is racist, many, many studies show that it is. Read...

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End Immunity For The Dirty Prosecutor – Absolutely! kra

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Ken’s Comments:   As you know, having been a prosecutor, one of my pet peeves is bad ones! This article advocates what I have been saying for years; end their immunity! It’s simple: the job of the prosecutor is to be fair. We have seen too many gone amok, engaging in deliberate wrongdoing, and they must be held accountable! Nobody is above the law! This article mentions Bar Association discipline as a possible solution, but...

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