California: Governor Signs Bill to Block Expansion of For-profit Detention Centers – Thank God! kra

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Ken’s Comments:   This will be a welcomed relief for the thousands of inmates who are even more seriously and widely abused and medically  neglected in private prisons than those in prisons operated by the government.  You tell me: How absolutely insane is this?! “A quota policy adopted by Congress in 2009 requires ICE to maintain an average of 34,000 immigrants in detention on a daily basis whether that many need to be...

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Did Kansas feds improperly listen to calls? 85 times, prosecutor wouldn’t tell judge – Hold the “fact-ducking” witnesses in Contempt!! kra

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Ken’s Comments: What the hell is wrong with these so-called investigators. Senate hearings, judges, too many other shirk their duty to get the TRUTH by allowing answers like “I’m not authorized to answer the question.” That answer is bullshit!  Just like so many in recent hearings concerning Trump have said they decline to answer questions based on a “privilege” they do not even have! Hell, I watched every...

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This is how sex abuse at N.J.’s women’s prison goes undetected – Prison Rape – kra

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Ken’s Comments:   This article is about one small prison in NJ, but the very same problems occur in prisons all over America. Women are totally controlled by staff, and every day many are raped … every single day. While men too are raped, most victims are women.   Excerpts from the Article:   What goes on behind the bars at the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women? That question is the subject of an ongoing...

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New York Times Investigation Spotlights NYPD Practice of ‘Testilying’ – It’s Called “Perjury” or “Filing a False Report”, a Crime! – kra

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Ken’s Comments:   I have written many articles about perjury by police, a real epidemic. “You take the truth and stretch it out a little bit.” Bullshit! That is perjury. Besides the obvious most awful consequence of having innocent people convicted, this article points out the other more subtle but terrible consequences to the system and society. READ Rush to...

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Opioid report ‘a road map’ to combat crisis

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Ken’s Comments: Progress is slow, but it is coming. ADDICTS NEED TREATMENT, NOT PRISON!  Sheeeeit, I have been saying that for 6 years now, and people finally are listening. READ Crime Prevention Bill , which I sent to all Delaware lawmakers, and others, six years ago! Crime Prevention Bill   Excerpts from the Article:   For the many Delawareans who have become all too familiar with the state’s substance abuse and mental health...

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