Misleading – Innocently or Knowingly?

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I have met Ms. Bailey, and she’s a nice lady. However, my guess is that she has no idea of what really goes on inside Delaware’s prisons. Or is she, like hundreds of others, afraid to tell the truth   … ashamed to admit that she was associated with an agency out of control? For those of us who know the real Perry Phelps (from observation and from numerous comments by D O C Staff, who dare not disclose their identities for fear...

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Put ‘em to work: Uruguay prison turns inmates into entrepreneurs – Uruguay’s Prison has Much to Teach America! THIS Should be a Model for EVERY Prison! – kra

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Rehabilitating inmates, instead of just warehousing them as most prisons do, has huge payoffs for society … crime reduced, costs slashed,  etc. This prison shows us what WE should be doing!   Excerpts from the Article: Rolando Bustamante watches his employees turn out one concrete block after another, occasionally checking an electronic tablet that records orders from clients and that lets him communicate with suppliers. There’d be...

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Bailey: Corrections Department didn’t want to hear his story, Legislature and Warren Buffett should.

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“America’s Dirty Little Secret – Prison Abuse – The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth” is the title of my book, still in progress.  See sooooooooo many articles here under “Prison Abuse.  I am not surprised that Buffett owns stock in this private prison service sector; it is extremely profitable. It is also, however, a disaster for justice, and good ole grandfatherly Warren Buffett should...

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PLN managing editor responds to editorial by CoreCivic CEO Damon Hininger – Private Prisons Part of the Problem, Not the Solution to Reducing Recidivism

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CoreCicic and other private prison operators are as much a national disgrace as our current president, although most folks don’t know it, and don’t know why, because they are not in the news as much. See numerous articles on this website. It is the patriotic duty of my friends at Prison Legal News – Paul Wright and Alex Friedmann –  to rebut comments made by anyone espousing the “benefits” of private...

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Ex-Cuyahoga County Jail medical supervisor files whistleblower lawsuit saying he was ousted for speaking out against jail conditions

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These scumbag prison officials who so abuse their power MUST be prosecuted! READ How to avoid the deaths of prison guards and inmates … or do you want to join the countless officials who refuse to acknowledge this huge problem called prison abuse? Excerpts from the Article: A former Cuyahoga County Jail medical supervisor’s whistleblower lawsuit filed late Tuesday against Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish offers the clearest account of...

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