MONROE COUNTY Prison guard now facing federal child enticement charges

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I have long said that these guards should be given psyche tests before hiring and given polygraph exams once a year:  “Have you committed any crime within the past year?”  This will never happen because their unions donate billions of dollars annually to lawmakers to thwart such needed reforms. If convicted, LOCK HIM UP!   The Article: A correctional officer from Monroe County is now facing federal charges for soliciting an...

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Virginia House approves sweeping package of police reforms

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Here we see the political split of what should be a NON POLITICAL issue: fair policing! All states should promptly ENACT THESE REFORMS! The Virginia House of Delegates approved a sweeping package of police reform bills Friday that Democrats said would make it easier to reign in officers who abuse their authority but Republicans said would hamstring police and make their jobs more dangerous. The legislation includes many of the measures...

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San Francisco Eliminates Fees on Jail Phone Calls

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Several years ago (7) I organized a statewide boycott of prison phones by inmates, to lower costs. It was successful; rates were reduced 3 months later. READ Families push for lower prison phone rates, more open visits – READ WHAT YOU CAN DO, AND DO IT! – kra  The ridiculously high fees are counter productive; the more people stay in touch with family, the better they do when they get out.       We are never again...

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Kansas girl’s killer 5th federal inmate executed this year

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READ what I wrote about the death sentence years ago. It still is true today! Death Penalty Letter – Worth Publishing again in 2019, with some now calling for more death penalty statutes! – kra  Excerpts from the Article: A Kansas girl’s killer Friday became the fifth federal inmate put to death this year, an execution that went forward only after a higher court tossed a ruling that would have required the government to get a...

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The Power of Filming Police

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I have many articles on this, and the bottom line is that you can film the cops anywhere so long as you do not interfere with their lawful performance of their duties. I suggest that any time you see someone – especially a black person – approached by cops… start filming! You can ignore their orders to stop; IF you get arrested, CALL me! I will help you for free.  🙂    Excerpts from the Article: A string of recent polls...

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