In landmark move, L.A. County will replace Men’s Central Jail with mental health hospital for inmates

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Mental Health experts and many others have been calling for moves like this for decades. It’s just common sense, but it is about time that this is happening in L A County!  Surely other counties and states – we pray – will follow this lead. It remains unclear whether the plan will result in an effective treatment facility or “a jail with a bow on it”, and we shall see the answer to that in coming months and years....

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Built with rehabilitation in mind, Texas state jails are now viewed by lawmakers as a “complete failure”

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True of virtually ALL of America’s prisons: they FAIL to rehabilitate, to help addicts, to keep us safer!  See articles here under “prison abuse” and read what the Nordic countries do. THAT works! Read the article to see how the “tough on crime” bullshit of the past 45 years totally screwed up the system. While we do not necessarily need more people on probation or parole...

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Bipartisan Effort Would Keep Tennesseans From Losing Their Licenses Over Court Fines – GOOD! – kra

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This certainly would make sense. States are quick to revoke driver’s licenses for a host of situations, most notably, failure to pay child support. It is a stupid, counter-productive, failed policy. Without a license one is hard pressed to get and keep a job  … to earn the income to pay fines or child support!  DUH. EVERY state should do this! Excerpts from the Article: A federal appeals court is considering whether Tennessee should...

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First Anniversary of the Parkland Shooting – Short Essay by Ken Abraham – 2/14/19

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Today is the first anniversary of the horrid Parkland shooting. It coincides with Valentine’s Day. For the love of our children, we need changes! 17 dead kids, 17 more people injured, BECAUSE of (1) America’s long-standing neglect of our mentally ill and (2) the Supreme Court did not understand the words “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State” in the 2d Amendment … or they simply...

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Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman convicted: Notorious drug lord once deemed Chicago’s Public Enemy No. 1

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Guilty on all counts and he will die of old age in prison. Although sentencing is in June, one of the charges requires a mandatory life term, and if he wins an appeal – highly unlikely – the government will try him again.  He is done. But you tell me: Did this case, costing millions of dollars, slow any drug distribution in America? Hell no. Alcohol did not create Al Capone … prohibition did!  I nearly laughed out loud when I...

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