Michigan attorney general launches wrongful conviction unit – Every Jurisdiction Needs One – kra

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This is the most dramatic symptom of how dysfunctional the system is: the convictions of thousands of innocent people. EVERY state, city, county – every prosecutorial jurisdiction – should have such a unit. See related articles on this website. Excerpts from the Article: Two years after a record number of exonerations for wrongful convictions in Michigan, the state Attorney General’s Office on Wednesday announced the formation...

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Boycott States with the Death Penalty! – kra

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Our friend from LinkedIn, John Romine, called me to discuss this idea   … “does it make sense”  … and I said sure! There are many reasons to ban the death penalty. READ: Death Penalty Letter to the Editor Write a Letter to the Editor something like the one below!  Send it to the largest 3 newspapers in each state with the death penalty! READ this to see how to do the letter: READ IT! Practical Tip – Get Empowered! How...

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Virginia: City Of Portsmouth To Dismiss All Marijuana Possession Cases – Smart! – kra

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Sure, it’s just one city, but it is a sign that “the times, they are a changing”!  This is the policy I had when I was a prosecutor, in the ’70s! Hats off to Ms. Morales!  Excerpts from the Article: Officials for the city of Portsmouth (population 95,000) will no longer seek to criminally prosecute low-level marijuana possession offenses. “Effective immediately, please be advised that this office hereby moves for...

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The ‘Black Market’ in Prison Health Care – I say, Unfair ans Stupid, because inmates scam the system! – kra

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More bad news about prison “health care”.  As care declines, and costs spiral out of control, states are charging inmates more fees, whether or not they use the health care provided. That is not fair. inmates and their families are already financially exploited in many ways. See related articles on costs of commissary items (FAR above outside retail prices), “free” tablets, video visits, phone calls, … and the list...

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Alabama DOC Stonewalling Federal Investigation; Eight Prisoners go on -They stonewall or cover up, or both! – kra

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What’s new!?  Prison officials obfuscate, stonewall, or just lie like hell about America’s biggest dirty little secret: prison abuse!   Excerpts from the Article: On October 3, 2018, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) filed a petition to enforce a subpoena naming Jefferson S. Dunn, Commissioner of the Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC), as the respondent. The petition seeks an order to show cause why Dunn should not be...

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