Report Shows 50 New York Prisoners Died from Inadequate Medical Care in Last Five Years – The Real Number is Much Higher – kra

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Based on my vast experience I would bet my life that the real number is at least double that in 5 years!  They lie about cause of death, they falsify reports, and they do all they can to cover up the atrocious neglect. READ Culture of Cover Up!  Culture of Cover Up – Prison Abuse Excerpts from the Article: A 2018 report by a New York State medical review board charged with reviewing prisoner deaths determined that at least 50 state...

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Florida DOC Agrees to Reform Prisoner Mental Health Care – And I say “Watch Them!” – kra

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And I say “Watch Them”!  Prison officials often enter into such agreements and then routinely ignore them. A judge must monitor the compliance and HAMMER them for infractions! They have NO respect for law. I have SEEN it. READ Culture of Cover Up – Prison Abuse   Looks great on paper, but I am telling you: Watch Them! Excerpts from the Article: Disability Rights Florida, the state’s Protection and Advocacy organization for people...

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Whistleblower Says Corizon Health Administrators Directed Him To Cheat Arizona Prison Monitors – a pretty good summary of the health care horrors occurring every day in many of our prisons! kra

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Of course they did. They lie like hell regularly to cover up their abuses! See articles here under “prison abuse”! This judge’s appointment of an independent monitor will prove futile unless the Court cracks down, imposes harsh sanctions for failure to comply, for lying to the Court, etc.  … I SAW Delaware D O C health officials violate the every day the 58 page “Consent Agreement” they signed with the U S...

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Ex-Hampton Roads Regional Jail guard charged with assaulting, choking inmate

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This is noteworthy because for every 1,000 such incidents, maybe 1 of them results in criminal charges! See many related articles on prison abuse. Excerpts from the Article: A former correctional officer at Hampton Roads Regional Jail was indicted Thursday on charges he choked an inmate unconscious and injured his arm. Dale Barnes, 59, faces one count each of strangulation and malicious wounding. If convicted, he could receive up to 25 years in...

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Lawyer: DOC negligence caused deaths of 2 inmates – And he is Right – kra

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My good friend and great lawyer, Steve Hampton, is one of too few who know what really goes on in our prisons.  Here, because D O C personnel lie like hell and falsify reports and medical records, we cannot be sure that Gibbs was not murdered by other inmates.  READ   Culture of Cover Up – Prison Abuse  Whether it was murder or suicide, D O C screwed up again, causing the death of another mother’s son. I never knew them, but Mr....

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