Congress must stop private prisons from receiving tax breaks

Posted by on Dec 2, 2017 in Featured, Other Issues, Prison Abuse | Comments

Ken’s Comments:   Private prisons are among the most profitable corporations on the planet, because they routine breach their contracts [provide sub standard food, withhold medical care, abuse inmates in many ways, ignore court orders, hire incompetent staff to administer or teach “programs”] with NO accountability. I had forgotten that private prisons have managed to qualify as REITs – that is absurd! They no more...

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How NY Prison ‘Slave Labor’ Powers A $50 Million Manufacturing Enterprise

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Ken’s Comments:   Yet another exploitation of the Constitution’s 13th Amendment, which proscribes slavery and involuntary servitude, but it contains a loophole: “Except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted.” Perhaps not as bad as work in notorious “chicken plants”, but the exception should be stricken!  In many similar situations, inmates must work for private and public corporations,...

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WHAT STRATEGIES WORK BEST IN POLICING? There are some approaches that can reduce crime without worsening community relations, a new analysis finds. Excellent Read! kra Letter to the Editor too! kra

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Ken’s Comments:   When I read the headline, I thought this would be about “community policing”, but it is even better than that! This stuff DOES reduce crime … so why not do more of it?! Send a Letter like this out where YOU live!   I sent this out on 11/20 and have not seen in published. I deem it sufficiently important to “try, try again” so I added the first paragraph and Dick’s  name. Letter to the...

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Are Private Prison Companies Using Forced Labor? – PRAY that this case is a winner!

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Ken’s Comments:   Private prisons are THE worst recent development in the whole criminal justice system, causing untold misery and even death! And the ICE prisons are the worst of the worst. Pray these judges do the right thing. Excerpts from the Article:   On Nov. 15 the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver will hear arguments in a case that could change the future of the $5 billion private prison industry. Judges will...

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For-Profit Delco Prison Settles Inmate Suicide Lawsuit for $7M – Another Outrage!

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Ken’s Comments:   How many more such tragedies and wastes of YOUR money do we have to see before people raise hell about it! Such situations could easily be prevented at a tiny fraction of what this now costs. And it is YOUR taxpayer money thus wasted! As for the settlement “policy changes”, unless there is vigorous monitoring and enforcement, that is not worth the paper it is written on! How do I know? From my...

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