Abolish the “Sex Offender” Registry! Learn the FACTS instead of all the “Sex Offender Hysteria” kra

Posted by on Mar 13, 2018 in Featured, Other Issues, Videos |

Before you freak out, realize that we all want to keep kids safe. Our “sex offender hysteria” laws are not doing that. READ articles on this issue to get the facts! The FACTS, not all the BS out there! This video is a good summary of why we should not “tweak” the registry, but should abolish it! Watch this Video!

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The Sex Offender Registry: Vengeful, unconstitutional and due for full repeal – “Dern Tootin’!” kra

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Ken’s Comments:   Those with common sense, and those who know any of the many people who have been harmed and hindered by these registries, know what a huge, needless problem they are! Some courts have ruled that the many unfair burdens are “administrative”, not punitive. Others, including courts in PA and CO, have ruled that they are indeed punitive. NARSOL, the ACLU, and others are pushing to get such a decision from...

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CNN Investigation: Sexual misconduct by judges kept under wraps

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Ken’s Comments:   The conduct of some judges is so bad, that there are movements underway to strip them of their immunity. If you don’t know, every judge in every state is protected by laws saying you cannot sue a judge. That is bad enough: that they cannot be held liable for their mistakes and abuses, but now we know from this CNN investigation and report how judges hide the sexual misconduct of their colleagues. I have long...

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Experts: Prosecutors get edge if accusers testify vs. Cosby

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Ken’s Comments:   Update of 3/18/18: The judge has ruled that five more Cosby victims can testify at his retrial! READ https://www.law.com/thelegalintelligencer/2018/03/15/five-additional-cosby-accusers-may-testify-at-retrial/?kw=Five%20Additional%20Cosby%20Accusers%20May%20Testify%20at%20Retrial&et=editorial&bu=The%20Legal%20Intelligencer&cn=20180316&src=EMC-Email&pt=AM%20Legal%20Alert   It is permissible to...

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Practical Tip – Get off the Sex Offender Registry – pardons – kra

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In most states, It is nearly impossible to get off the the registry. “Sex Offender Hysteria” has assured that!  I have spoken to many, many people who have been denied that request.  But there is a way! If you know anyone who has this “scarlet letter for life”, have them CALL me and I shall tell them how to greatly improve their chance of getting out from under all of the restrictions and burdens suffered by those on the...

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