GREETING TO NEW INTERNET CONNECTIONS! Information everyone should know! – kra

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This is what I send to most (I don’t have time to get it to all of them) new internet connections, on MeWe, LinkedIn, etc.  Greetings: Thanks for connecting. You may want to subscribe to our weekly eNewsletter. Check out our website, loaded with useful (Enter “Practical Tip” in search bar!) and important information you will not see elsewhere!   Ken Abraham specializes in getting people Pardons nationwide, and in Applications for...

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Bilionaire Charged With Sex Trafficking – kra/ UPDATED 7/8/19

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Watch the video. How many more of these vile monsters are out there?   No slap on the wrist this time – they need serious prison time! Watch the Video UPDATE evening of 7/8/19 : = Labor Secretary Alex Acosta Brokered A 2008 Plea Deal With Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, Faces Increased Calls To Resign I am not printing the whole article, nor excerpts, at this time, because...

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Report: Delaware 3rd highest in sex offenders per capita in US – With Letter to Editor

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Yes, and someone should inform you why that is true; so I step in:  Our “Child Predator Strike Force” (sounds great, right?) is busy arresting people for looking at pictures!  They will not provide the statistics, but I bet my right arm that at least 85% of those cases are for looking at pictures, not actually molesting anyone. I have researched and  studied this issue, and, while clearly such people may need counseling, there is NO...

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State court agency spent $600,000 to settle sexual harassment claims against judges, employees – Never should have happened! kra

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Ken’s Comments:   That’s not just pocket change … it is YOUR tax money! This would not happen if the wrongdoers were held accountable on a regular basis, but, no, those who should and could do so usually sweep it all under the carpet. What’s with all the secrecy?! These jackasses forget that they work for YOU, and you should know what is going on! Raise a little hell about it. Shame them in the press. Great...

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Abolish the “Sex Offender” Registry! Learn the FACTS instead of all the “Sex Offender Hysteria” kra

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Before you freak out, realize that we all want to keep kids safe. Our “sex offender hysteria” laws are not doing that. READ articles on this issue to get the facts! The FACTS, not all the BS out there! This video is a good summary of why we should not “tweak” the registry, but should abolish it! Watch this Video!

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