Reminder – Part of Ken Abraham’s vast Experience with the law

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CALL ME – MY EXPERIENCE FOLKS – this means YOU! If you know anyone with a criminal justice question, a legal question, tell them to CALL me!!! Not a bunch of type type type… CALL 302-423-4067. I work every day from about 3 or 4 a m until 8 or 10 pm. I hate to toot my own horn but the FACT is I am able to help most (over 95%) of those who call. Not because I am a friggin’ genius, but because there are few people on this planet...

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Protesters blame riot at Norco prison on new state reintegration policy – An Idiotic Policy! – kra

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Anyone who knows what goes on in prisons knows this policy will needlessly cause inmate deaths! There are other, better ways to prepare inmates for reentry. Excerpts from the Article:   More than half a dozen people protested outside the California Rehabilitation Center in Norco, two days after a riot that they claim was caused by a new state policy that went into effect there earlier this week. “His life is in danger,” said...

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A former sex-crimes prosecutor analyzed Ford’s allegations against Kavanaugh. Here’s her take.

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I have won scores of trials, on both sides, where the only evidence was “he said”. When judges allow sufficient time for a trial to beconducted properly, many people can and do win on just such evidence. If he did it, or if he lies some more to the Senate, Brett Kavanaugh has no business on the Bench. Excerpts from the Article:   Soon after Christine Blasey Ford was revealed as the author of a letter alleging that Supreme Court...

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Federal judges butt heads with U.S. lawmakers over legality of ankle monitors for nonviolent suspects

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This is one of several issues concerning these monitoring devices which need to be decided by the Supreme Court. Several such cases have been decided differently in the Circuit Courts in sex offender cases. Some say it is punishment, some say it is not. Open the full article to see many cases in many courts with differing opinions. It is a crazy patchwork of “law”. I love this quote, because it is the point I have been making for...

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DNA samples of 1,600 Delaware convicts were not entered into national database for years

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This is one reason why the percentage of solved rape cases has plummeted from 94% in the ’70s to less than 50% today! All of it is due to the war on drugs! Mr. Coupe has told me himself that the medical examiner’s office is so inundated with testing for drug cases that it is way behind on work in more serious cases! He told me that over coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts right after being appointed secretary of Delaware’s...

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