A typical 2 A M email. Probation and Sex Offenders … You CAN get probation shortened. kra Practical Tip

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If I awake in the middle of the night, I check my emails. Here is a recent exchange, with the sender’s name omitted for her privacy: Margaret….Subject: Question Hi Ken, If a guy, a SO, has been sentenced to three years in prison and ten years probation, is there any way to have probation shortened? I received a letter from this poor guy in the Georgetown facility who was arrested for ‘dealing’ chid pornography. They consider it...

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The Sex Offender Registry: It’s Not What You Think

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Ken’s Comments: This info is all too familiar to me. America would be a much safer place if everyone – the public, reporters, legislators… –  knew the truth about registries, and acted accordingly –  fairly.   Excerpts from the Article:   “Texas sex offender added to 10 most wanted sex offenders list.” “Virginia man arrested for sex crimes after third victim comes forward.” “Arizona sex offender sentenced...

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Passport revoked – More “Sex Offender Hysteria”! kra

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Ken Abraham:   This was sent by my colleagues at NARSOL. Our sex offender laws are among the most ineffective, cruel, ans senseless laws on the books! “Our country needs to stop passing oppressive laws disguised as public safety measures and start passing laws that actually help to prevent crime while helping to reintegrate those who have been convicted of a criminal offense.”   Excerpts from the Article:   I’m on the...

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State court agency spent $600,000 to settle sexual harassment claims against judges, employees – Never should have happened! kra

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Ken’s Comments:   That’s not just pocket change … it is YOUR tax money! This would not happen if the wrongdoers were held accountable on a regular basis, but, no, those who should and could do so usually sweep it all under the carpet. What’s with all the secrecy?! These jackasses forget that they work for YOU, and you should know what is going on! Raise a little hell about it. Shame them in the press. Great...

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Abolish the “Sex Offender” Registry! Learn the FACTS instead of all the “Sex Offender Hysteria” kra

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Before you freak out, realize that we all want to keep kids safe. Our “sex offender hysteria” laws are not doing that. READ articles on this issue to get the facts! The FACTS, not all the BS out there! This video is a good summary of why we should not “tweak” the registry, but should abolish it! Watch this...

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