“I Won’t Back Down” – My Theme Song. kra

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I remember when our criminal justice system worked well. There was time to have proper trials. There were nearly zero wrongful convictions. Our prison population was about 338,000 (now over 2.1 million). That was 1973, the year I graduated from law school. That was before the “war on drugs” got ramped up. That was 45 years ago; that is how long it has taken us to create the dysfunctional justice system seen in America today. Nixon...

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Good to be Recognized – and Good for the Public!

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Several of my articles and I are referenced in Judge Posner’s latest book, Improving the Federal Judiciary – Second Edition – Staff Attorney Program, The Plight of the Pro Se’s, and the Televising of Oral Arguments. While it is quite flattering to have the attention of such a renowned legal scholar, the important point is that this brings important information to many, many more people. The book is available from Amazon for only $18.00 …...

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CA will soon end lifetime registration for some SOs under bill signed by Gov. Brown – End the “Sex Offender Hysteria”! kra

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Ken’s Comments:   At least a few people are starting to see some of the absurdity in our sex offender laws. Today’s S O laws are not born from logic, from fairness, nor from sound public policy (the do not protect our children!); they are born from:   Excerpts from the Article:   Thousands of Californians will be allowed to take their names off the state’s registry of sex offenders as a result of action Friday by Gov....

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Child sex offenders to be named as such in US passport

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Ken’s Comments:   More useless nonsense. Many people have no interest in “sex offenders”, but if you knew the FACTS and the truth behind such a label, you would. I can give countless examples of people who should NOT be branded with that label for life, yet they are. i.e those who had to go to the bathroom behind a bush, the 21-year-old in a relationship with his nearly 18-year-old girlfriend, and, yes, the vast majority...

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Indiana appeals court rules sex offenders can attend church with children present

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Ken’s Comments:   At least some judges are not carried away with “sex offender hysteria”!    Excerpts from the Article:   The Indiana Court of Appeals has ruled that three convicted Boone County sex offenders can resume attending church services, even if children are present. The decision comes after a long legal battle stemming from 2015 when the Boone County Sheriff’s Office sent letters to registered sex...

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