Maxwell conviction a symbolic win for sex abuse survivors, advocates say

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And the full 65 year sentence will send a clear message to all who exploit women! Such a sentence is unlikely, but it is likely that she will get a sentence ensuring that she dies in prison. Excerpts from the Article: Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex trafficking conviction is being hailed by advocates as symbolically significant for sex abuse victims, the latest example of women convincing a jury in a high-profile prosecution despite defense efforts to...

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Sex Offenders: Fear vs. Fact on Halloween

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More exposure of unwarranted sex offender hysteria! Excerpt from the Article: Media fearmongering over “Registered Sex Offenders” in the community has become an annual Halloween tradition in the same way as razor blades and poison in candy. Wendy Murphy (who famously stated she “never met a false rape claim” during the Duke Lacrosse case) declared in the Boston Herald that “Halloween is like Christmas for sex offenders,” and local news outlets...

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ALI Drives Another Spike into the ‘Affirmative Consent’ Coffin = Good News!

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My friend, Ed Bartlett, of the Center for Prosecutor Integrity, CPI, and many others have been pushing for this for years. Excerpts from the Article: The American Law Institute (ALI) has conclusively rejected an “affirmative consent” provision that would have fundamentally reshaped the sexual practices of millions of Americans. At its recent annual meeting, the ALI membership ended a decade-long, sometimes contentious debate by approving a...

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Senior corrections officer revealed as second man in child exploitation case involving SA Labor staffer

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Lock him UP!  However, on the topic of sex offenders everyone should read this excellent report! Sex Panic: The War on Sex Offenders as Public Enemy Number One – A MUST READ! – kra  Excerpts from the Article: The identity of a second South Australian man allegedly involved in producing and possessing child exploitation material has been revealed. Mr Berry faces several charges, including producing, possessing, and disseminating...

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Sex Panic: The War on Sex Offenders as Public Enemy Number One – A MUST READ! – kra

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Excellent and right on point!  I have been expressing this for years! I have been “raising as much hell as legally possible” about these issues for 9 years now, and this law professor nails it! YOU should read this too; it affects everyone and is a tremendous injustice and waste of resources. READ Practical Tip: How YOU can become a “prison reform advocate” – or any ADVOCATE! Here is how! EASY as 1, 2 ,3 ! DO IT!!...

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