CALL ME if you have a loved one on PROBATION OR PAROLE in any state! 302-423-4067

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It is vital to get someone off of probation or parole as soon as possible – early, before their full sentence runs.  Why? To get them out of the system! To get them out from under the boot that can violate them and send them back to prison, sometimes for years!* The fact is that 2 out of 3 people entering jail or prison are going back  – for a violation of probation or parole! Sometimes they have committed a new crime, but often...

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Don’t let Trump’s use of celebrities distract you from his criminal-justice failures – Three Main Issues – kra

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The former assistant U.S. attorney, U.S. attorney, deputy attorney general and, briefly in 2017, acting attorney general, sho served with distinction under Democrats and Republicans alike, Sally Yates, highlights the principal ways tRump has proven to be a disaster for much needed criminal justice reform. Excerpts from the Article:   The latest episode of the reality-show presidency had our president conferring with Kanye West in the Oval...

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Reminder – Part of Ken Abraham’s vast Experience with the law

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CALL ME – MY EXPERIENCE FOLKS – this means YOU! If you know anyone with a criminal justice question, a legal question, tell them to CALL me!!! Not a bunch of type type type… CALL 302-423-4067. I work every day from about 3 or 4 a m until 8 or 10 pm. I hate to toot my own horn but the FACT is I am able to help most (over 95%) of those who call. Not because I am a friggin’ genius, but because there are few people on this planet...

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My Education 1, 2, 3- Short Essay by Ken Abraham

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I have often said that the best thing my parents ever gave me was a great education. Super prep school for grades 9 to 12, even better college, and then law school [thanks to my wife, who worked as a teacher, I was able to pay for law school, but Mom and Dad still helped out]. Ironically, the worst thing I ever did to myself – drugs – led me to another great education … in “the school of hard knocks”. Experience,...

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Putin is an absolute Genius!- tRump – kra

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Folks, I post anti tRump information here because he is a disaster for any criminal justice reform. If constructive change must come, he must go! So here are a couple of reminders:   I am dead serious when I say that Vladimir Putin is either the smartest man on the planet or the luckiest! Who would have thought that the foundations of American democracy could be so badly damaged, that trust in our most valuable institutions – the...

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