Why no officers were directly charged for Breonna Taylor’s death

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Unlike most of the recent killings of Blacks by police, there is no good cause for anger – or for prosecution –  against the police in this case. They are not to blame; the system is to blame. They entered with a “no knock warrant”, and when the occupant heard them coming, he opened fire. He fired a shot, not knowing who they were. The problem is with no knock warrants, which should be eliminated, because they almost...

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Colorado Supreme Court: Warrant Allowing General Search of Cellphone Unconstitutional Violation of Particularity Requirement

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Search and seizure issues can be tricky, and can be the key to winning the case. This case involves the cops’ search of a cell phone. I am glad to see the Courts move into this century when it comes to cell phone searches. This court said: Because modern cellphones possess immense storage capacities, capable of collecting and storing many distinct types of data in one place, the Colorado Supreme Court had previously recognized that...

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Tenth Circuit: Deputy ‘Trying to Help’ Doesn’t Make Search Permissible Under Community Caretaking Exception to Warrant Requirement

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Some would say that this case hinged on “a technicality”.  Not so. Our rights against government power, especially now, with unlawful arrests by secret federal agents in Oregon, must be zealously protected. This case involves our search and seizure rights.  This case discusses several interesting legal principles which apply in search and seizure cases.   Excerpts from the Article: The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth...

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An unarmed 23-year-old black man died after police stopped him. The Colorado governor wants a new probe.

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I saw the video.  This is another police murder. They stopped him for “being suspicious”! The kid was walking down the sidewalk! “Being suspicious”?  What the hell does that mean, being Black?  INVESTIGATE. Excerpts from the Article: Facing mounting pressure from the public, Colorado Gov. Jared Polis (D) vowed on Wednesday to explore how the state could re-examine the 2019 death of Elijah McClain, a 23-year-old black man...

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‘No-Knock Raids’ an Increasing Danger to Public Safety – They are a product of our idiotic war on drugs- kra UPDATE 10-16-20

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They are a product of our idiotic war on drugs. It is a valuable tool only in very, very rare cases: dangerous, volatile targets. Scores of innocent people have been injured or killed in no knock raids. UPDATE 10/16/20 Baltimore Prosecutor: Do Not Authorize “No Knock” Warrants Excerpts from the Article: Julian Betton was in his home minding his own business when the police crashed through his front door. The cops entered without knocking or...

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