Did Kansas feds improperly listen to calls? 85 times, prosecutor wouldn’t tell judge – Hold the “fact-ducking” witnesses in Contempt!! kra

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Ken’s Comments: What the hell is wrong with these so-called investigators. Senate hearings, judges, too many other shirk their duty to get the TRUTH by allowing answers like “I’m not authorized to answer the question.” That answer is bullshit!  Just like so many in recent hearings concerning Trump have said they decline to answer questions based on a “privilege” they do not even have! Hell, I watched every...

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New York Times Investigation Spotlights NYPD Practice of ‘Testilying’ – It’s Called “Perjury” or “Filing a False Report”, a Crime! – kra

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Ken’s Comments:   I have written many articles about perjury by police, a real epidemic. “You take the truth and stretch it out a little bit.” Bullshit! That is perjury. Besides the obvious most awful consequence of having innocent people convicted, this article points out the other more subtle but terrible consequences to the system and society. READ Rush to...

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Massachusetts High Court Vacates Felony-Murder Conviction for Failure to Suppress Cellphone Search

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Ken’s Comments: The case is not over, because the state may retry the defendant. It is interesting because of the search and seizure issue. The court ruled the search warrant for searching a cell phone was deficient, so, applying the exclusionary rule, nothing found on the phone could be admitted as evidence. Because the jury probably relied on that illegally obtained evidence to convict, the conviction was overturned. This reminds me of...

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Privacy concerns after public genealogy database used to ID “Golden State Killer” suspect

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Ken’s Comments:   This is an interesting issue, and I predict that the police work we saw here will be ruled to be legal, not an “illegal search”, for many reasons.  And it should be! The courts will rule in cases like this that the public interest in safety outweighs any privacy issue. http://www.dna11.com/#modal-video Excerpts from the Article:   Investigators have revealed they used a public genealogical DNA...

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Trump furious after FBI raids office of personal lawyer, seizes documents – WOW! kra

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Ken’s Comments: It is a “WOW” because it is extremely difficult to get a judge to authorize this kind of search of an attorney’s office. Authorities must show strong probable cause to believe there is criminal activity. This one was done under a U S Attorney appointed by Doofus Donald himself!  This story is still developing, but the ending is not going to be good for Doofus. Why do I call him that? Because he is such...

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