Judge: Traffic stop justified in evidence seizure – Questionable Search and Seizure Issue! – kra

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I sent this email to my friend the reporter, Craig,  this morning: ………………….. Hi Craig, I sure hope they had more than  this, or my bet is that decision on the suppression Motion will be reversed! “At (3 a.m.), within approximately five minutes of a home invasion, a car traveling on that rural roadway away from the crime location, coupled with no other cars traveling on that road at that late hour...

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Good for Grandma! Grandmother foils alleged school shooting plot in Washington state

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Ken’s Comments:   Watch your kids and grandchildren, and if you suspect serious trouble, snoop around! This grandmother probably saved many lives. YOU can snoop; it is only when the government is involved that you need a warrant.  Long before it gets to this point, talk to youngsters about the fleeting nature of “fame”, about what really matters in life, and if you think they need counseling, get it!  Not exactly on...

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North Dakota Supreme Court: Warrantless Urine Test Incident to Arrest for DUI Is Unconstitutional Search

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Ken’s Comments:   The important factor here is that the Court likened a urine test to a blood test, ruling that such a test cannot be done without a warrant, and one cannot be prosecuted for refusing one when stopped for a DUI.   Excerpts:   The North Dakota Supreme Court held a defendant cannot be criminally prosecuted for refusing a warrantless urine test incident to an arrest for driving under the influence of a...

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State admits recording jail conversations between defense lawyers and clients – Blatantly Illegal! kra

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Ken’s Comments:   They do whatever the hell they want to do, like blatantly violate inmates’ rights in this way, because they so seldom are held accountable! Lock them UP!   Excerpts from the Article:   For four years, a tucked-away monitoring system in a certain visitation room at the Anchorage jail recorded conversations between attorneys and their clients — defendants in criminal court – without anyone knowing. Now...

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