Orlando International Airport to scan faces of U.S. citizens, raising privacy concerns

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Ken’s Comments:   I have no problem with this type of “search”. But sensible, fair, enforceable measures must govern how the information is used! Excerpts from the Article:   Florida’s busiest airport is becoming the first in the nation to require a face scan of passengers on all arriving and departing international flights, including U.S. citizens, according to officials there. The expected announcement...

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Victory: Virginia Supreme Court Delivers Blow to Police Use of License Plate Reader Technology to Track Drivers, Surveil Citizens

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Ken’s Comments:   They should have known this was unconstitutional searching! While this case hinged on a state statute, I am sure the result would have been the same with a fourth Amendment argument. Excerpts:   The Virginia Supreme Court has delivered a blow to the police’s use of Automated License Plate Readers (ALPRs) to surveil citizens and track drivers’ movements. The Rutherford Institute filed an amicus brief in Neal v....

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Ninth Circuit Reverses Drug Smuggling Conviction for Improper Exclusion of Evidence of Third-Party Culpability – “He did it, not me!” kra

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Ken’s Comments:   This is nowhere as bad as all the cases I see about prosecutor misconduct – failing to disclose exculpatory evidence – but it is similar. Here, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit reversed a defendant’s conviction for importation of methamphetamine because the district court improperly excluded relevant evidence that someone else committed the crime.  While this case turns on some...

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Did Kansas feds improperly listen to calls? 85 times, prosecutor wouldn’t tell judge – Hold the “fact-ducking” witnesses in Contempt!! kra

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Ken’s Comments: What the hell is wrong with these so-called investigators. Senate hearings, judges, too many other shirk their duty to get the TRUTH by allowing answers like “I’m not authorized to answer the question.” That answer is bullshit!  Just like so many in recent hearings concerning Trump have said they decline to answer questions based on a “privilege” they do not even have! Hell, I watched every...

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New York Times Investigation Spotlights NYPD Practice of ‘Testilying’ – It’s Called “Perjury” or “Filing a False Report”, a Crime! – kra

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Ken’s Comments:   I have written many articles about perjury by police, a real epidemic. “You take the truth and stretch it out a little bit.” Bullshit! That is perjury. Besides the obvious most awful consequence of having innocent people convicted, this article points out the other more subtle but terrible consequences to the system and society. READ Rush to...

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