Documents reveal how law enforcement partners private companies surveil schools

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Big Brother is here! I bet you did not know the scope of this surveillance. Though not a 4th Amendment violation, it seems insidious to me, with lots of room for abuses. Open the whole story to see how widespread is the surveillance by several of these companies. Excerpts from the Article:   Unbeknownst to college students across the country, their school may be surveilling their social media activity. What may be even more surprising to...

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Reminder – Part of Ken Abraham’s vast Experience with the law

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CALL ME – MY EXPERIENCE FOLKS – this means YOU! If you know anyone with a criminal justice question, a legal question, tell them to CALL me!!! Not a bunch of type type type… CALL 302-423-4067. I work every day from about 3 or 4 a m until 8 or 10 pm. I hate to toot my own horn but the FACT is I am able to help most (over 95%) of those who call. Not because I am a friggin’ genius, but because there are few people on this planet...

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Kentucky Supreme Court Tosses Evidence Holding Dog Sniff of Nervous Driver with Prior Drug Charges was Unreasonable. It was the addition of the dog which made the search unlawful – kra

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Good, because countless Black Americans are nervous when stopped by a cop. Legally, this was a sound decision, but any racist judge could have ruled the other way. Was the lower court judge racist?  It is Kentucky! Excerpts from the Article:   The Supreme Court of Kentucky held that a drug-dog sniff based on the nervousness of the driver who had prior drug charges (but not convictions) was an unreasonable search under the Fourth Amendment,...

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SCOTUS Issues Landmark Fourth Amendment and Digital Privacy Opinion in Carpenter – Tracking by using cell phone call records – kra

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To an attorney, this is a very interesting search and seizure case. I can see why the courts involved differed, but I think the better reasoning was that applied by the Supreme Court, again protecting the individual from the incredible power of the police (the state). The court held that cell phone records of one’s location, held by the carrier, cannot be obtained by police without a warrant, even though there was a statute which allowed...

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Putin is an absolute Genius!- tRump – kra

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Folks, I post anti tRump information here because he is a disaster for any criminal justice reform. If constructive change must come, he must go! So here are a couple of reminders:   I am dead serious when I say that Vladimir Putin is either the smartest man on the planet or the luckiest! Who would have thought that the foundations of American democracy could be so badly damaged, that trust in our most valuable institutions – the...

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