The American Legal Industry -short essay by kra 3-31-20 TRAIN WRECK

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  This image pretty well sums it up. Did you know that for every 1 person arrested, 29 people make money?! It is no wonder that all manner of people/groups spend BILLIONS of dollars annually fighting needed changes to our wildly screwed up justice system. For them, it is merely job preservation. Never mind that most of them don’t actually help anyone, (neither individuals nor society) that the system is so fucked up that thousands...

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Practical tip – Be Easy to Love! – A Short Essay by Ken Abraham

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What’s this got to do with criminal justice? Damn near nothing, but let me make a stretch: keep her happy and she may be able to help you with your case  … and be glad to be your “shoulder to lean on”. This is NO stretch: She will be a super comfort IF you get locked up! I sure remember that when I was in prison any contact from outside was a little slice of heaven!  And maybe she won’t divorce your sorry ass for...

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New area helps inmates attain GED – Great Idea – kra

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The prisons still leave room for MUCH improvement, but this is a good move. All studies show that education is the best way to reduce recidivism … and that means less costs and less suffering by crime victims. Hats off to Commissioner Claire DeMatteis. She is starting to “get it”. Excerpts from the Article: Nearly all offenders are released from prison at some point in their lives. Just under 30 percent of the maximum security...

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Wrongfully convicted New York City man refused to admit guilt to parole board 8 times, attorney says

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You NEVER should admit to a crime you did not do, even if your idiot lawyer says you should! There are several reasons; I don’t have time to explain it all here but CALL me at 302-423-4067 and I’ll be glad to. This article explains how to handle the dilemma; the Board wants to hear you say you are sorry, but you truly are innocent:...

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New Mexico jail bans on-site visits, offers video chats – Another move in the WRONG direction! – kra

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You should know 1,2,3,4! All studies show that inmates with personal contact with loved ones are far less likely to re-offend. This is another financial squeeze on some of America’s poorest: families of inmates. This obviously is a load of typical BULLSHIT from prison officials: “It comes down to technology and convenience for family members,” … If that were true, it would be optional, not a requirement! Many prisons have ended...

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