State senator brokers donation of masks to Department of Correction – “Good on Him!” – kra

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 State Sen. Darius Brown recognizes that inmates must be treated humanely.  Prison is the worst place to get ill, for the “health care” is notoriously abominable.  God Bless Sen. Brown and the many organizations involved. This measure will save lives, and more states should do it. Using them for in person visits is smart. All studies show that those inmates who maintain contact with friends and family are far less likely to...

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Practical Tip – A Reentry Essential – kra Someone Cares – kra

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I post this again, because it is so important. I talked again this morning with a fellow I have been helping for about 2 months now. He is a “hard case”, with anti social tendencies and attitude Been in and out of prison a lot, on probation “my whole life” … as he puts it. He is black and his girlfriend is white, and some idiots give him shit about that. He met again today with his P O, an asshole, and today...

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Repeat Offenders May Be the Result of Different Brain Composition – Nah – kra!

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Well, maybe, but I think this is a shaky theory.  I am all for applying science to any aspect of criminal behavior, but I sure don’t think brain composition is a major factor in recidivism. Excerpts from the Article: With consideration for the age-old adage, “nurture versus nature,” a recent study suggests that the single common characteristic shared by repeat offenders may be isolated to the structure and composition of the brain itself,...

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The American Legal Industry -short essay by kra 3-31-20 TRAIN WRECK

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  This image pretty well sums it up. Did you know that for every 1 person arrested, 29 people make money?! It is no wonder that all manner of people/groups spend BILLIONS of dollars annually fighting needed changes to our wildly screwed up justice system. For them, it is merely job preservation. Never mind that most of them don’t actually help anyone, (neither individuals nor society) that the system is so fucked up that thousands...

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Practical tip – Be Easy to Love! – A Short Essay by Ken Abraham

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What’s this got to do with criminal justice? Damn near nothing, but let me make a stretch: keep her happy and she may be able to help you with your case  … and be glad to be your “shoulder to lean on”. This is NO stretch: She will be a super comfort IF you get locked up! I sure remember that when I was in prison any contact from outside was a little slice of heaven!  And maybe she won’t divorce your sorry ass for...

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