Arrested, Jailed and Charged With a Felony. For Voting. HOW DUMB IS THIS?! – KRA

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Laws prohibiting felons from voting are DESIGNED to prevent constructive reform of the criminal justice system and to disenfranchise the poor and our black citizens! There is NO justification for them; they have nothing to do with public safety or reducing crime … they make no sense at all. Excerpts from the Article:   Keith Sellars and his daughters were driving home from dinner at a Mexican restaurant last December when he was...

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The Changing State of Recidivism: Fewer People Going Back to Prison Data show the number returning 3 years later is down by nearly a quarter

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This is great, but the data does NOT show that our prison population is down by that much! It is down by only about 3%. We need far more effective reentry assistance programs. Excerpts from the Article:   The share of people who return to state prison three years after being released—the most common measure of recidivism—dropped by nearly a quarter over a recent seven-year period, according to an analysis by The Pew Charitable Trusts of...

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Letter to the Editor – The Farmers Get It – 8/3/18

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What’s the connection to criminal justice? I cannot find the percentage, but many, many inmates leave prison into the world of homelessness.   Letter to the Editor – The Farmers Get It – 8/3/18 Each Wednesday during the summer season, Dover Interfaith Mission for Housing (DIMH) has a booth full of goodies at the open air market in the heart of downtown Dover. Right between State Street and Governor’s Avenue. The best time to...

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Dover’s tiny house village gets new shot at finding more welcoming neighbors – Go, Cathi, Go! – Support DIMH and The Port Hope program! – kra

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Now my good friend, Cathi Kopera was the first person I met (other than the P Os who took me there) when I was released from prison on 2/2/12, with nothing but that prison uniform, a pile of papers five feet high (my notes about the God-awful experience, now the foundation for my book. 🙂 ) all the damaged relationships, and a mountain of debt. By the time probation processed me, it was after midnight when I arrived at Dover Interfaith, the best...

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Putin is an absolute Genius!- tRump – kra

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Folks, I post anti tRump information here because he is a disaster for any criminal justice reform. If constructive change must come, he must go! So here are a couple of reminders:   I am dead serious when I say that Vladimir Putin is either the smartest man on the planet or the luckiest! Who would have thought that the foundations of American democracy could be so badly damaged, that trust in our most valuable institutions – the...

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