Governor Carney Signs Rep. J. Johnson Bill to Reduce Aesthetics Licensing Barriers – Good News, but this is more Baby Steps! kra

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Ken’s Comments:   They are listening to some of what we have been saying! But the devil is in the details, and this Bill does not do nearly enough. It is baby steps where bold strides are called for. It does make positive changes, but they should eliminate this obstacle  altogether. All states, obviously, should do more of this. The move greatly increases job opportunities. Excerpts:   Governor John Carney signed legislation...

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Ken’s Comments:   I urge you to support the ministry of my friend, Jeff Grant, if you can. He does a great job, and he has fully recovered from his disaster. There is much more about Jeff here, and I hope you will read it.   Excerpts:   He’d filled out the paperwork demonstrating that his law firm, Jeffrey D. Grant & Associates, had suffered economic hardship in the wake of 9/11, embellishing only a little to buttress...

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Want to Reduce Crime? Wise Up! Raising the Minimum Wage Can Reduce Recidivism: Study Proves It! Letter to Editor kra

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Ken’s Comments:   While this is not surprising, it is very important information. Reducing recidivism save a fortune of YOUR tax money by eliminating some of the costs of incarceration, the whole “lock ’em up”  system, and eliminating the agony and costs of victims! Excerpts from the Article:   American labor activists have mounted a national campaign to increase the minimum wage. They have made many arguments...

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The Problem With Parole – There’s a Huge Need for Probation and Parole Reforms – kra

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Ken’s Comments:   Here are some facts I can tell you before I  even read this article: P and P may be the place where we are wasting the most of your money in the whole criminal justice system! 1. At least 1/2 of all of those on P or P need not be there at all. 2. Most are sentenced to P or P  for too long a period of time. 3. Every year, about 2/3 of ALL those entering our prisons (400,000) are going back = being sentenced for...

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