2018 Called ‘High Point’ in Restoring Rights to Individuals with Criminal Records – It’s a Start – kra

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While there has been progress, there is soooooooo much more to do! Why not automatically immediately restore voting rights to all convicted felons?! Although Florida voters approved this measure, politicians there still are fucking around with “regulations” to make voting difficult!  Why not automatically immediately grant a Pardon to and restore all rights to anyone convicted of possession of Pot in states where Pot now is legal?!...

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SENTENCING LAW AND POLICY – Reforms to Aid Reentry, Removing Barriers – kra

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This article was sent by my friend Margaret Hawkins, head of DARSOL. It is an excellent summary of some positive developments in our criminal justice system to date. Excerpts from the Article: January 10, 2019 “Reducing Barriers to Reintegration: Fair chance and expungement reforms in 2018” Cover-Fair-Chance-Reform-2018 The title of this post is the title of this notable new report from the Collateral Consequences Resource Center to...

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New year, new session, new vision for reform, Sean Lynn – With Letter to Editor – kra

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This excellent commentary by my friend and super attorney Sean Lynn is right on point. But there is so much more which can be done.   He should move swiftly on expungements. Some 70 million adult Americans have a criminal record. I happen to specialize in applications for expungements and for pardons, here and in other states. In Delaware, if you have a felony record, before you can get an expungement you first must get a pardon, a long and...

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Error in U.S. prisons law means well-behaved inmates wait longer for release

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Thousands of inmates will not be released as intended.  Let us pray that the error is corrected ASAP. Excerpts from the Article: U.S. prisoners who were expecting earlier release for good behavior, thanks to a new criminal justice law enacted last month, must keep waiting due to an error in the bill, said activists working with the White House to fix the mistake. Potentially thousands of inmates could be affected by the error in the First Step...

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Branching out: Dover Interfaith Mission to open shelter facility outside of Felton

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“The best little shelter either side of the Mississippi”, and where I landed upon my release from prison in 2012. I still do a lot of volunteer work for DIMH. 🙂 Excerpts from the Article: Jeanine Kleimo, chairwoman of the Dover Interfaith Mission for Housing, said the nonprofit’s upcoming expansion to a former motel-turned Islamic worship center outside of Felton sounds like the start of a joke. “As I like to say, the story is a...

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