Jail Lockup Tied to Early Death in U.S. Counties A new analysis suggests jail incarceration rates may help drive causes of death like infectious disease and suicide among county residents.

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This should surprise nobody.  Given that one’s physical health is tied to one’s mental health it stands to reason that those who see and experience all of the abuse, despair, and horrible health care in our jails, will be more ill and even commit suicide. By the way, there is NO effective mental health treatment in America’s jails or prisons, and this is part of that story. The despair and the contagion do not vanish when men...

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Seventh Circuit: Prisoner Has Right to Know Conditions of Supervised Release Prior to Being Released

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It makes sense, because so much depends upon conditions. As the Court said: … “those terms and conditions govern where a person may live, work, with whom he may associate and other matters of his day-to-day life, instructed the Court.” Excerpts from the Article: The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit ruled that Jeremy Hogenkamp was entitled to know, before he was released from prison, what the terms and conditions...

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First Former Felon Elected to Washington State Legislature

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God Bless her, and God, help remove the barriers to success like hers!  Nationwide, there are more than 25,000 barriers to reentry! Excerpts from the Article: On Election Day in November 2020, Washington State attorney and former prisoner Tarra Simmons became the first person convicted of a felony elected to the state’s legislature. Prior to the election, she said she was running to help give people “a first chance so they won’t need a second...

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Congress Votes to Lift Ban on Pell Grants for People in Prison

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Great news! You have seen me say many times:  The BEST way to reduce crime is to educate inmates. All studies prove it! Excerpts from the Article: Ed today to lift a 26-year-old ban on Pell Grants for people in prison. The restoration of access to Pell Grants means that incarcerated people can once again apply for federal Pell Grants in order to pay for college courses. Access to education is transformative, and today’s bipartisan vote will...

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There are grants available for felons who are looking to start a small business.

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Our friend Lynn, from MeWe, sent me this article. We need many more grants like these. ALL STUDIES SHOW THAT EDUCATING INMATES IS THE BEST WAY TO REDUCE CRIME! Excerpts from the Article: Finding a job after incarceration has long been a challenge. Having a felony on your record carries a huge stigma when you are seeking employment. According to the Brookings Institution, close to half of ex-prisoners have no reported earnings in the initial...

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