Team Trump Is Slashing Programs That Help Prisoners Adapt to Life on the Outside – “These changes…threaten to make our communities less safe.”

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Ken’s Comments:   No surprise here. tRump is a disaster for the criminal justice system!     Excerpts from the Article:   On Wednesday at FCI Sandstone, a low-security federal prison in Minnesota, inmates were preparing for a congressional hearing. They couldn’t fly to Washington, of course, but they’d voted to add C-SPAN to the facility’s short list of authorized television channels. They planned to watch politicians...

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Good News. The Board of Pardons and others are Starting to Get Smart. :)

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GOOD NEWS.  12/14/17 I spent most of the morning at hearings of the Board of Pardons. Long enough to say a few words on behalf of inmate Joe Walls, whom I met in prison, greet a few lawyer friends, meet others, hear about 30 presentations and hear the Board rule on about 50 applications for Pardons and for Commutations. They recommended that the Governor grant Joe Walls’ Application for early release. In Delaware, like 47 other states,...

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Here’s How Prison and Jail Systems Brutalize Women, Especially Mothers

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Ken’s Comments:   This reminds us that women are the fastest growing prison population. Most are there for victimless crimes, like addiction and prostitution. I don’ think that is justice nor a wise use of our resources (locking them up at a cost or about $40,000 per person per year), when they can be treated for about 1/3 the cost! READ Crime Prevention Bill With the injustice here so obvious, why is this happening? I can tell...

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Higher Ed’s Message to Ex-Felons: No Second Chances

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Ken’s Comments:   It is quite true that “There is insight … to be gained from looking at the world from our perspective; the perspective of the marginalized who are captive in a secretive and closed world.” Yet the stigma of incarceration, and the senseless collateral consequences which attach to it, extend even into the world of supposedly “smart” people.   Excerpts:   In an open letter, “We...

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Sixers Co-Owner on Why He Supports Meek Mill: The Judge Is ‘A Danger to Society’ – and many ARE! -kra

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Ken’s Comments:   This article was sent by our friend Steve Hampton, Esq.  Oh, it is not just one isolated judge. This is one of thousands of similar cases which happen every month, all over the country. Remember, about 600,000 people enter our prisons every year, and about 2/3 of them, 400,000, are being sent there for violation of probation or parole, often for minor infractions, technical violations (10 minutes late for curfew),...

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