New Mexico jail bans on-site visits, offers video chats – Another move in the WRONG direction! – kra

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You should know 1,2,3,4! All studies show that inmates with personal contact with loved ones are far less likely to re-offend. This is another financial squeeze on some of America’s poorest: families of inmates. This obviously is a load of typical BULLSHIT from prison officials: “It comes down to technology and convenience for family members,” … If that were true, it would be optional, not a requirement! Many prisons have ended...

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Kalamazoo man who sought return to prison apparently kills himself

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What a coincidence! Just 2 days ago, before seeing this article, I was discussing this problem with the Mom of an inmate! Why have I included this article? Because it describes the plight of many, many more than are reported.  Our prisons are so abysmal and abominable that I have seen inmates commit suicide  … and many more do than ever are reported. As I and others have pointed out, prison officials often lie about “cause of...

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Florida Supreme Court rules convicted felons must pay fines, fees before voting – BAD Decision! – kra

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This is one PISS POOR DECISION, and I was not happy to see this headline.  As you can see in the Article, given the fucked up state of the law in Florida, the court had not much choice. Made by judges who have NO idea how difficult it is to bounce back financially after being locked up for years. Sheeeeeit, it has been 8 years for me and I still need to beg for money occasionally! Although Florida voters, using common sense, passed a referendum...

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Families push for lower prison phone rates, more open visits – READ WHAT YOU CAN DO, AND DO IT! – kra

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I organized a move – a prison phone boycott – to lower the rates in Delaware several years ago, and it worked! DO it in your state. You will be reducing crime, as sure as I sit here, for all studies show that those inmates with outside contacts are less likely to return … and the OUTRAGEOUSLY high rates prohibit or limit those contacts. Here is HOW TO DO IT: Send a postcard to about 20 prisoners (or as many as you can –...

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Full Arkansas prisons lead to backlog in jails statewide

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The problem is not too much crime; the problem is too much incarceration!  Every state should undertake a comprehensive review of its sentencing laws and send only the most violent people to prison! Addicts and the mentally ill should be given the treatment they need, probation, and other non violent offenders put on reasonable terms of appropriate probation! Excerpts from the Article: “The assignment is a creative non-fiction assignment,...

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