Formerly incarcerated people are building their own businesses and giving others second chances

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This article was sent to me by great Delaware lawyer, Stephen Hampton, Esq., one of too few who will sue the prison jackasses – staff and administration – when that is necessary. These projects should get government funding – it’s a great way to reduce crime. According to the American Bar Association, there are over 45,000 laws on the books restricting people with criminal records, ranging from about 300 in Vermont to...

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GREETING TO NEW INTERNET CONNECTIONS! Information everyone should know! – kra

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This is what I send to most (I don’t have time to get it to all of them) new internet connections, on MeWe, LinkedIn, etc.  Greetings: Thanks for connecting. You may want to subscribe to our weekly eNewsletter. Check out our website, loaded with useful (Enter “Practical Tip” in search bar!) and important information you will not see elsewhere! Should you or any of your connections ever have any questions about any of these articles or...

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PRESS RELEASE – Ken Abraham to Talk on Reentry on 7/15/19

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                                          PRESS RELEASE – Ken Abraham to Talk on Reentry on 7/15/19 The Coalition to Dismantle the New Jim Crow is pleased to announce that the founder of Citizens for Criminal JUSTICE, former Deputy Attorney General, addict, inmate, homeless person, entrepreneur, and former trial attorney, will address its July meeting at 6:00 P M on Monday, July 15th, at St. John’s Episcopal Church, 276 S. College Ave., Newark,...

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Practical Tip: Fines? Child Support? ANY payments ordered as part of Probation or Parole? MAKE a Payment or send a letter about why you cannot!

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  I was amazed that a guy from DIMH, “Mr. V.”, on probation, was locked up again for failure to pay child support about ten days ago! Yes, we still are locking up homeless people for failing to pay child support! It’s nuts… and totally counterproductive  … but it happens regularly. Why am I amazed? Because I have explained to residents many, many times, and to the counselors, case managers and others, in...

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Drug Addiction Isn’t a Crime—We Just Treat it Like One A new film proves that there is an alternative, and that it works.

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Ken’s Comments:   They see the folly of the war on drugs. The video confirms what I have said for years: “For many in reentry and recovery, it makes a huge difference to know that someone cares whether they succeed”! It also confirms that prison treatment programs do NOT work! READ this: The Power of Advertising – Win the “War on Drugs”...

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