Exonerated Prisoner Invests Portion of $20 Million Settlement to Start Barber School

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Some rare good news! Yep, there are more than 45,000 barriers to reentry nationwide, most of them totally unnecessary! More than 230 here in lil ole Delaware! God Bless Mr. Rivera!   Excerpts from the Article: No one appreciates the challenges of re-entering society like a former prisoner, especially one who was wrongfully convicted. For exonerated ex-prisoner Juan Rivera of Illinois, his experiences led him to invest some of his...

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The Newest Jim Crow Recent criminal justice reforms contain the seeds of a frightening system of “e-carceration.”

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This EXCELLENT article by Michelle Alexander conjoins several topics, and she warns of the dangers and problems I have alluded to in several recent articles! We must heed her warning. This article reminds me of one of my favorite Grooks:  (Google Grooks by Piet Hein!) THE ONLY SOLUTION We shall have to evolve problem-solvers galore– since each problem they solve creates ten problems more. Excerpts from the Article: In the midterms,...

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LEAP makes a difference in criminal justice reform!

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From my LEAP colleagues – I am a member of their Speakers Bureau  :   Dear Ken, Leading up to Election Day, LEAP speakers played a major role in criminal justice and drug policy reform efforts across the country, and yesterday, our hard work paid off! Keep law enforcement speaking out for reform Five key state campaigns successfully spoke out for more rational and effective policies with LEAP’s help: • Florida: Amendment 4 passed,...

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Inmates’ civil lawsuit adds complexity to Vaughn prison riot trial – It Adds The TRUTH! – kra UPDATED with Letter on 11/6/18

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God Bless my friend and great lawyer, Steve Hampton, for having filed this lawsuit and so many on behalf of inmates. Truer words than these were never spoken: “The DOC hasn’t held themselves accountable in the past, I don’t see why they would this time,” said Mr. Hampton. “The only DOC employees fired or dismissed are the ones that have some sort of disagreement with management — someone seen as a trouble-maker who is going to raise complaints....

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Texas Prisons Creating Denture Clinic For Toothless Inmates

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In most prisons, it is next to impossible to get any dental care! Let us hope that this leads to many getting dentures, which can help in more ways than one. When I was released, because I had lost a bridge in the front of my mouth, I looked like the homeless bum I was: a big gap between my top front teeth. Thanks to a friend of the family – Tom Mercer, of Mercer Dental – , who provided me with dentures at cost (saving me about...

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